5 Go-To Apps for Inspiration

When you're lacking inspiration, it can be hard to get back into the groove. But no worries! Here are 5 apps (because who isn't on their phone) to help you out!

We all have those days where we lack a little bit in inspiration, and we need something to get us started for the day. If you happen to go on your phone in the morning (or whenever) here are some apps that may inspire you!


For those of you familiar with the YouTube channel Clothes Encounters, you’ll know that Jenn Im recently released her new app ImJennIm. As a huge fan of hers, I decided to test it out right away, and so far I’m likin’ it.

The layout is similar to Instagram both looks-wise and features like following different people, commenting on pics, stuff like that. You automatically follow Jenn, where she shares several #OOTD, and encourages you to share your own. She’s posts several times throughout the day (some content is exclusive to the app), and even reposts stuff from her fans. It’s definitely a closer community, and if you’re into fashion, this is definitely an app to try!

It’s pretty awesome if you know Clothes Encounters, but even if you don’t you can choose to unfollow her and stick to other people. If you decide to make an account, you can add me: smanasaurus 🙂


It took me a while to really get into Bloglovin’, but once I did it’s addictive. If you’re into blogs, you should definitely have this app. You follow the blogs you want to, and their posts go into your feed where you can read them or save them! It’s a great way to read a ton of content in one place.

I follow a variety of blogs, so I get a lot of different content that’s good for inspiring me whenever I feel like I have writer’s block. The key is to follow the right kind of blogs. I would start sifting through the Popular Posts sections and see what catches your eye.

Here are some blogs I recommend following.

Beauty: THAT GRACE GIRL, The Beauty Department, A Little Obsessed

Fashion: Linhwinn, Melimunchi, INTO MIND

Lifestyle: Career Girl Daily, Coco+Kelley, The Coveteur

Health + Fitness: FitSugar, HelloNatural.co, The Skinny Confidential

Design: The Nectar Collective, Kory Woodard (she did my site!), Elle and Company


If you’re not up to reading or looking up pictures, Podcast Addict is definitely the way to go. It’s an easy way to pass time, and definitely inspiring!

Podcasts are also pretty in right now, and you can get a variety of great content. There are a lot of different podcast apps, but I like Podcast Addict because it’s easy to use and search.

Here are my favorite ones to listen to: The Lively Show, After the Jump, Stuff Mom Never Told You


I was actually debating about adding Tumblr to this list, but I think Pinterest is better for artsy, DIY type projects that might provoke more inspiration than Tumblr.

I was pretty hesitant to get a Pinterest account in the first place because I wasn’t quite sure what it was and if I would ever use it, but once I made my account I don’t think I left for hours. Because part of the startup process is following your interests, your feed is already created. I’d definitely recommend picking as many interests as you want (instead of the minimal 3 or whatever) so your feed is always updating.

You can like pictures, or pin them to your own account. It’s pretty good organizational wise also, because you can separate pins into boards. There is also a feature for secret boards which won’t be seen by the public, but you can’t make a public board secret, so keep that in mind.


Another YouTuber, Cassey Ho, or more commonly known as Blogilates, made this amazing app filled with workouts and healthy recipes where you can share within the Blogilates community!

Most of the exercise features (like the workout calendar) require the paid version but it is an easy way to navigate her many videos. There are some exclusive to the app, but if you’re looking something specific you can always click the “I want to focus on my…” where you can choose your abs, arms, etc. The corresponding videos are all about what you need.

The videos are great, but I mostly use this app in terms of finding inspiration about food. She has a ton of healthy recipes for everything including drinks, desserts, snacks, side dishes – the whole deal! She’ll tell you the ingredients, directions and nutrition info.

This is a great app if you’re into food!


What apps do you use for inspiration? Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments!

Have fun,