8 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Next Ear Piercing

Have you ever wanted to get a few different piercings in your ear? Here are 8 things to consider before getting your next ear piercing!
Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

I’m literally writing this up because I’m petty and when I saw Coveteur’s incredibly misleading “8 Things to Consider Before Getting Your Next Ear Piercing” was actually a recycled post on how to accessorize your already existing piercings I was peeved. Yeah, this is definitely not makeup / skincare related but whatever.

While I wouldn’t call myself a piercing expert, I do have a few ear piercings, and I do have a plan and a process for which ones I decide to ultimately get, which is why I thought the article would be interesting, and why I wanted to correct that.

8 Things to ACTUALLY Consider Before Getting Your Next Ear Piercing

Pain – I’m a bit loathe to mention this because every piercing is going to hurt on some degree, unless you have a high tolerance. But I do think it is something you should prepare yourself for, as we often forget or don’t realize how much it’s going to hurt. I would recommend Googling and reading several responses to get an idea, or if you have a piercing shop in mind already, read their reviews for people who are getting the same piercing you’re thinking of. Part of the pain is going to be dependent on how good your piercer is!

Price – A bit of a ‘duh’ and ultimately, if you really want a certain piercing, this probably isn’t going to deter you, but something you should keep in mind anyway. Standard lobe piercings are always going to be cheaper than say, a conch piercing. Another thing I learned was that like most things, it’s going to be more expensive in bigger cities, regardless of how good they are. If you live in those bigger areas, it pays to do your research to find the best place for the best price.

Hair – It sounds weird to consider hairstyle, but it makes a difference, particularly when planning multiple piercings. I always part my hair to a certain side, so one ear peeks out more than the other; therefore, when I think about what piercings I want to show off, I know it has to go in my right ear.

Lifestyle / healing times – I added these two together because they work in tandem. My sister was planning on getting an industrial, but after learning it could take up to a year to heal, it wasn’t going to work out, since she rides her motorcycle to work, and a helmet over a just healing piercing wouldn’t work. While lobe piercings usually only take weeks, a lot of other ear piercings can take closer to several months.

Take in consideration your workplace as well! I’ve heard or read about people who got piercings, and a few days later when they realized it wasn’t appropriate for work took them out (hint: huge no-no) and complained or whatever when they wouldn’t go back in, or that they wasted their money, etc. Never take out a piercing while it’s healing, unless it’s infected.

How you react – I’ve noticed that I’m a bit of a slow healer, especially when it comes to piercings. That means I know it’s going to take closer to the max time to heal, if not longer, and that I always need to keep sea salt spray around and take extra attention and time when it comes to washing my hair, etc.

How you sleep – If you’re a side sleeper like me, you’re going to have to get a smidge creative with how you lay your head down. It sounds annoying (and is a little bit) but it’s something you get used to, and usually a few weeks afterwards you can lay on your ear, even if it’s not completely healed, and be fine. This also partly depends on what kind of piercing you get. I obviously had a bit of a harder time with my industrial, waking up sometimes in the middle of the night to realize my ear was hurting because I was squashing it against my pillow, but my lobes weren’t bad at all.

And if you plan on multiple piercings, really decide whether you want to get them all at once, because you may to be resigned to sleeping on your back for a long time.

Your ears will be extra sensitive – Another obvious one, but I think people don’t realize how much you bump your ears when you hug people (or just in general), snag them while putting on clothes, etc. And if you’re planning a piercing more in your ear, earphones may not be an option, and that’s something to think about if you wear them frequently.

Your overall plan – This point is really only applicable if you’re planning on multiple piercings. It may make sense to get a certain type of ear piercing first, not just for the healing process, but possibly to make it easier for your piercer to get the next one. This is more applicable if you’re getting them more inside your ear, but just having an overall plan is something I’ve found helpful no matter what ear piercings you get.

Anyways, that was totally non-scientific, word vomit on ear piercings, and what you might think about if you plan on getting a few.