I wish I had a cool tagline, but really, I’m just happy you’re here.

I have this thing, where I like to write about things I’m interested in. Thankfully, I’ve moved past those days where I used to like to write about vampires with velvety voices and translucent girls who really don’t take breakups well, and I’m no longer trying to learn Japanese purely from anime (now I’ve moved on to other languages from other shows). Recently things I’m interested in happen to be beauty and skincare, though I am working up to putting together some fashion posts so maybe be prepared for awkward faces and stances. (I tried to Google a synonym for “awkward” because I’m not a fan of the word, but the best one that came up was “unseasonable” and somehow I don’t think that’s quite the right word.)

When I add a picture in here, that’ll be me, on the left.

Name: Samantha

Age: Well, I can legally drink, so there’s that

Location: Southern California

Signature dance move: My shoulders move up or down or side to side. That’s it.

Fun fact: I like using parenthesis a lot in a writing (in case you haven’t figured it out).