Current Beauty Favorites

Instead of a monthly favorites series, I wanted to do what I've been reaching for lately, no matter the time. Check out my current beauty favorites, and send me some recommendations if you have any!

Instead of monthly favorites, I’ve decided to add in current favorites, whenever I feel. And while I am posting this (mostly) in time for January favorites, this is mostly what I’ve been really reaching for the past few months.

Simple Hydrating Boost Micellar Water – Probably not a surprise. I’ve mentioned it a few times as my preferred micellar water as opposed to Garnier’s. It just works so well, without drying out my face or stinging my eyes if I put too much on a cotton pad (an embarrassingly normal occurrence).

Glossier Cloud Paints in Dusk & Beam – I get it now. Cloud Paints have been something I’ve wanted to try for ages, and at the same time, whenever somebody mentioned them in some sort of 2017 favorites or etc. I was like “are there no other cream blushes in the world?!” But after receiving the duo for Christmas, I get it!! They’re really easy to use, although I will say because you need such a small amount to get a nice flush, it IS possible to go a bit overboard with these. They’re sheer but not that sheer. Thankfully, they blend out beautifully with your fingers, it takes me a few seconds to put these on. Beam shows up a bit pinker than I would like, but it’s still a pretty color.

Complex Beauty Godmother Mask – I didn’t expect this to be a favorite of mine; when I was debating which mask to get, I haphazardly chose it as it seemed to be the general fixer. And it kind of is, especially if what needs fixing is a congested face. This is my go-to when reaching for something to give my skin a clean slate, getting rid of the little bumps and other crap on my face. It does have that stinging sensation, so this is not for sensitive skin types.

DIY ACV Toner – Equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, this has been my exfoliating tonic concoction for the past few weeks. From the first use of sweeping it onto my skin, I noticed that it does an excellent job smoothing out my face. I’ve pared it down to using this 2-3 times a week. At first I used this every day, and while it didn’t leave my face red or sensitive, I noticed when I used my Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser and left it on the skin for a few minutes as I usually do, my face was stinging. Surprisingly, my Honest Beauty cleanser didn’t make me feel a thing though. Now that I’ve backed off, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Korres Wild Rose Facial Oil – Okay, admittedly, the first few times I tried this, I hated it. It felt heavy, greasy, and nothing more moisturizing than my typical moisturizer. It also smelled weird. I think it still smells weird, but I also think it’s just rose scented and I don’t like rose scented things. Aside from smell, once I learned how to properly use it (wow, what wonders paying attention to the directions will do) I changed my tune.

When you actually only use a few drops, it goes smoothly onto the face – minimal rubbing involved. I do a slow, roll-pat with my hands instead. I don’t find it heavy or greasy, in fact, just the opposite: light and soft. Occasionally with moisturizers, a few hours after applying I feel like I need to apply again. It doesn’t feel dry, per se, just like I need something more hydrating. Not so with this one. I used to shy away from face oils, but now I might be a convert. These are only samples, so does anyone have any recommendations?

Real Techniques Stippling Brush – Watching Allana Davidson’s videos and seeing her flawless blending with the e.l.f. Large Stippling Brush made me really want to upgrade my blending game. Since I couldn’t find the brush she used in stores, I decided to go with another trusted brand: Real Techniques. I’ve been using the Stippling Brush every time I put on makeup, for both my blush and bronzer, and I am in love. It’s not like I’ve had a problem blending before, but I just really enjoy using this one. I do think it does a great job at feathering out the product at the edges, and it’s affordable.

What are your current beauty favorites?

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