We talk about new makeup releases or skincare favorites, but not about the beauty tools we use all the time. Read through to see what I use!

I was scrolling through YouTube trying to find new people to subscribe to while White Collar was playing in the background (as you do) and I came across a video called “Things that only skincare junkies will understand.”

I thought, hey, that’s me! So I clicked on it and one of the first things that comes up is a very scary looking silver tool, which I later learn is a blackhead remover device thingy. (which, by the way, after Googling quite a bit I’ve learned that it’s not a very good way to remove blackheads!)

Anyways, that got me thinking about the beauty tools we use but never really talk about, maybe because we see them as tools, not necessarily new products that are super awesome to share on the blog, type thing.

I don’t have a lot myself, but I thought I’d share a few that I’ve incorporated into my routine lately!    


If you want to feel luxurious and fancy af, get yo’self a jade roller. There’s lots on Amazon but I’m very basic and got myself the one from Herbivore Botanicals along with my pink clay mask. Note: it’s sold out constantly, but that means it goes back in stock constantly as well, so if you want this one but it’s sold out, don’t worry! It’ll come back. 

It’s basically like giving yourself a facial massage, only without spending tons of money—depending on the one you get—and at your own convenience. The benefits remind me of why dry brushing is such a big thing for your body, except this time you’re using a beautiful stone.

It helps increase circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, diminish fine lines, even so far as be anti-aging, since it releases the tension in your face caused by daily activities. Jade rolling can also be used to help your skincare products absorb better by using it afterwards. Personally I like using it on a clean face better; I don’t like the feeling of pushing around my skincare products feels greasy.

I’ve mainly been using mine at night, after cleansing since I find it relaxing, but for that extra shot of coolness, you could stick it in your freezer for a minute or two and really depuff your face.     

If you looked at my face, the difference wouldn’t be much. However, to me it’s more about how it feels on my skin, and for some people, I know it can be a calming ritual to do in the morning or before heading to bed.


When you’re talking beauty tools, this is probably the most popular that most people have since Clarisonics and Foreo’s are all the rage. I haven’t tried those, but a nice, cheaper alternative is this Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. (I say cheaper because you’re likely to find many codes out there, so you won’t have to pay full price!)

The Ultimate Skin Spa comes with a daily cleansing brush, an exfoliating brush and a silicone brush, packed together neatly in a travel case. The travel case is a bit bulky to actually travel with, but it’s a good place to store the brushes not in use.

I’ve really only tried the daily cleansing brush as honestly, I forgot the other two brushes existed since they’re sitting in the case in my drawer. Even so, I really like the daily cleansing brush; it feels really nice to have something else do the cleansing for me, especially when I’m feeling lazy. Plus, my skin feels so clean after using this compared to my bare hands.

The two things about this is you have to be careful about the amount of pressure you use. Even though I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin, the lightest of touches was all I needed. The other thing is I haven’t found the best cleanser to use with this. I tried my Milky Jelly Cleanser, but I much prefer to use that with my hands, so I’ve been switching my cleanser around with this piece.


What we do for beauty, right?

This was an impulse purchase off YesStyle, as I’ve always felt like my underarms we’re dark. I used to use a lemon spray of my own concoction, but this was only $6-7 so I figured why not?

It’s meant to remove dead skin cells and dirt, brighten underarms, and have a deodorizing effect. And it does have a nice, clean scent that is subtle and not noticeable after it’s taken off.

Basically it’s a white paste in a tube that you spread over the affected area (I say ‘affected area’ because you can actually use this on your elbows, knees, etc.) where you leave it on for about a minute to dry, and then you rub off.

Some people it only took a few applications before it started working, and some it took closer to about a week. My experience was the latter. It brightened my underarms slightly, not as much as I wanted to, though I’m wondering if mine were even that dark to begin with. Still, I continue to use this as I’ve bought it and the tube lasts a surprisingly long time.

The thing about this, and similar to many other products, is that it really does have to be used consistently to see results. It’s hard to say once you’ve gotten the results you wanted, whether it stays that way or you need to continually use this product, but I haven’t gotten that far.

What are some beauty tools that you use?