BeautyCon LA


Hey guys! How was your weekend? Mine consisted of a very busy Saturday as I went to BeautyCon in downtown LA with my friend. BeautyCon is about bringing together “fans, brands and creators” in one place. Their most prominent guests (for meetups) are from YouTube, or they’re brands (which you can shop) like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, and many more. It’s mostly beauty and fashion. I think it’s relatively new, so they only have three locations: London, New York and LA. The LA venue was both inside and outside, but I think all the venues will be like that.

I bought the General Admission ($30) but they have Pro ($135) and Platinum tickets ($270) that are guaranteed certain features like getting a bag of makeup, less wait times, a certain number of guaranteed meetups and reserved seating for panels. General admission is just access, but you definitely have the opportunity to meet people and go to panels.

Even though I only got GA, I was still really excited because the main reason I wanted to go was to check out the brands, maybe buy some makeup and possibly network (and ya know, free samples are cool). Once I saw the guest list there were definitely people I wanted to meet, but I’d be okay if I didn’t just because it wasn’t what I bought my ticket for. But to be honest, the whole thing was really disappointing.

My friend and I live about an hour out, but we wanted to get there early so we left at 9 am (GA would be let in at 12). Good thing we did, because we got a little lost, and parking was terrible. On the website they tell you where you can park, but even two blocks down from the venue it was already getting backed up, so I would recommend finding another place. Thankfully, 30 minutes later we came across a parking structure a few streets down that had $5 all-day parking. BeautyCon ended at about 7, and although we weren’t planning to spend the entire time there we wanted the majority of the day.

Let me start off by saying the line was crazy. There were two lines wrapped around the building, but once we got closer security told us which one was for GA (the other we later learned was Pro). They do have opportunities to upgrade your ticket last minute if you want. We got to the line a little after 11, and for some reason it was moving, albeit really slowly. Honestly, I don’t understand why it wasn’t moving faster when it reached 12 considering they had at least four girls checking tickets, and there was no other requirement (nobody checked bags or anything).

We really wanted to see Jenn Im from ClothesEncounters and Stephanie Villa from SoothingSista at their meetup starting at 12:30 so we sprinted over to their designated space, where we were met with another line. At with 15 minutes before their meetup ended and still quite a few people in front of us we decided to leave the line for Claire Marshall from Hey Claire. Her meetup didn’t start until 1:45 but we figured at the very least we’d meet her since only about five girls were in front of us.

Okay, I’m going to jump around a little bit and talk about the venue. Outside, there was a ton of space. They had 6 food trucks, but only about 3 were actual food (the others were shave ice and stuff). The lines there were also massively ridiculous. After getting my food and looking at the time, I realized we spent an hour and a half in line. However they did have some stands scattered around with drinks. Although I didn’t like that I spent $5 on a small Jamba Juice, at least the line moved quickly because they only offered two flavors, they were pre-blended and super cold.

They also had a huge stage with music performers (mostly from YouTube from what I could tell) which was fine, except most of the people they had sang really slow-paced songs. No offense, but I’m trying to be happy and distract myself from the fact that every single freaking line I’ve been in has taken at least 40 minutes and they play sleepy music.

The highlight of my day was taking a picture with Claire, because she was super nice and friendly. So even though we were within the first ten people, because we were GA, the Pro/Platinum people get to go first. It was just so weird seeing her in real life rather than a video or pictures, and I was just so excited. I’m not even sure she understood anything I was saying but that’s okay. SHE’S JUST SO AMAZING. I don’t even care that I look like a potato next to her because I WAS SO CLOSE TO HER.


It’s actually kind of funny because once you give your phone/camera to the person who will take your picture, that person (at least ours) will pretty much start taking pictures so you might get some funny behind the scenes sort of shots, so make sure the memory isn’t full.

It was after this we decided to go to the food trucks because we hadn’t eaten all day. After waiting in yet another line (Stephanie Liu, creator of the Honey & Silk blog walked right in front of us!) and spending $8 on a small bowl of average nachos, we decided to go inside. Well, try.

Yup, there was another line. Except it wasn’t so much as a line as it was a large crowd in front of the doors that funneled into one line that eventually spread out into four lines, that went back into one line which went across the outside portion of the venue. We actually had to cut the line just to leave the place.

And we certainly left. Even though it was only about 3:30, we didn’t want to wait in another line that would definitely take more than the hour and a half we waited for food. And I’m pretty sure that line wasn’t even moving.

I thought we would be able to move freely between the outside and inside, but apparently not. And what sucks is that all the brands and booths were inside. The only things outside were rides, the stage, food and meetups.

Yes, I realize that I got a GA, but the fact that I couldn’t even get inside for the booths (which are available to everyone) was so upsetting. It was a waste of $30 I could have saved for actually getting something, not to mention the gas to get there + parking and food. It was so poorly organized.

If you have money to just spend, definitely get a Pro or Platinum ticket (although I’d recommend just going Platinum since you get more out of it). But to be entirely honest, I don’t think BeautyCon is worth it unless you have a talent pass (which I’m not too familiar with) or you get invited as a guest because they have the whole before and after party stuff and you’ll get to meet fans. Other than that, major disappointment.

Have any of you gone to BeautyCon? Would you consider it?

Have fun,