Bobbi Brown Nude Palette Review


Bobbi Brown Nudes Palette review

The Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eye Palette was gifted to me through my aunt, along with the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which I reviewed in my very first post if you want to check that out here!

I was really excited to try out this nude palette for a few reasons. I’ve never tried makeup products from Bobbi Brown because they tend to be on the expensive side, but I’ve heard lots of good things. I’ve been on the market for new eyeshadows so the gift of this nude palette was perfect timing! Right off the bat I already liked the natural tones, because it’s not often I stray into colors. Bonus, these five shades are matte! Not really a bonus, but I just have way too many sparkly eyeshadows.

The only thing I found a little difficult was the three middle colors (named Cement, Malted and Wheat) look very similar and I wasn’t sure what to put what where (if that makes sense). But no worries; shortly after I had the chance to experiment a little!

Using all the colors in the nude palette at once was a little overwhelming on the eye, and not to mention, slightly redundant given how similar some of the colors were. I find it best to use three at most, depending on what look I happen to be going for the day.

Mostly, I tend to go with natural tones for everyday wear. That means I use the brightest tone (named Bone) for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners although it’s very light. Rarely do I use the darkest shade (Espresso) featured. If I do use it, I’m careful to carefully dab it on to the brush given because as I’ve found out, it’s a little more pigmented than the other shades.

The middle browns are really nice! If I’m in a hurry I just quickly swipe it into my crease and it gives some good depth to my eyes, which also makes it look like I at least tried. However I’m still getting the hang of trying to use multiple shades just because you never know when you might want to add a little pizazz to your look.

It comes with a double-ended brush, one side thin and flat with the other thicker and rounded as you can see in the picture below.


I mostly use the thicker brush, but that’s because I haven’t yet perfected the art of using that smaller thin brush. To be honest, there’s nothing really special about the brushes as they work well enough (and they are very soft), but it’s nice that it comes with one.

Unfortunately I’m not too sure about the price because when I tried looking it up, nothing I found was the exact same as mine. Because of the brand, my guess is that it will be more on the expensive side.

Overall, I really like the nude palette as I can wear it pretty much every day, and since it comes with its own brush I wouldn’t be afraid to take it travelling without the nuisance of taking other brushes in a new bag. However, depending on the price I’m not sure it would be my go-to buy.

Hope this helped if you’re considering buying this nude palette!

Have fun,


Have you tried the Nude on Nude Eye Palette? What did you think about it? Leave it in the comments; I love to hear from you!