Looking for a suitable Brow Wiz dupe? Check out my detailed review comparing the Anastasia Brow Wiz to the NYX Microbrow, which is half the price!

Doing my brows is the one thing I never forget, and I never leave the house without them ( except for that one time when I had to drop my sister off at the airport at 5 am, because I am not a morning person ). But otherwise, if I’m in a rush, I’ll make my brows my priority before heading out that door.

Drawing on my brows all the time means I’m going through a lot of products, but it also means I want to find the best bang for my buck when it comes to eyebrow products. Repurchasing every month can get expensive.

And when all the hype about the Anastasia Brow Wiz came out, I wanted to get so bad, but of course, $21 isn’t something I was quite ready to spend on a brow pencil I heard runs out fast. So after a lucky 50% off sale, and a $10 coupon in the mail some time after, not only can I try the infamous Brow Wiz, but also NYX’s Microbrow, a possible Brow Wiz dupe.

I’m hoping it will be good enough (if not better because you never know ) than the Brow Wiz, so I don’t have to count on a sale to get a nice brow pencil.


The Anastasia Brow Wiz retails for $21, while NYX’s Microbrow retails for $10, clocking in at half the price. Not a bad deal, huh?


Along with the outside packaging being fairly similar, both the Brow Wiz and Microbrow have the pencil on one end, and a spoolie on the other. The difference is when put side by side, and the side the Brow Wiz product comes up is the side where the Microbrow’s spoolie is.

In general, the Brow Wiz is sturdier, especially felt when twisting the product up. It doesn’t feel as loose as the Microbrow. In the same line of thought, the Brow Wiz snaps shut easily with no fuss whereas the Microbrow requires a little more strength and doesn’t feel as secure. Basically, the Microbrow does feel cheaper.

Both have the same amount of product, according to weight, which is 0.003 oz.


I got the Brow Wiz in Medium Brown, and the Microbrow in Espresso. Medium Brown happens to be a smidge too light for me, but it is cooler toned.

Espresso is a darker brown, but very much on the warmer side.


Looking for a suitable Brow Wiz dupe? Check out my detailed review comparing the Anastasia Brow Wiz to the NYX Microbrow, which is half the price!

I’ve heard the reason a lot of people enjoy the Brow Wiz is because of how thin and precise it is. No doubt about that, the nib is thin and perfect for drawing those hairlike strokes.

But the Microbrow is definitely comparable, as you can see in the photos (which, by the way, sorry if it’s blurry, my hands are a little shaky whenever I need them to be still, lol). It does well at creating a precise brow.

As for longevity of the product, honestly I haven’t noticed a difference between the two. Both wear really well on my brows.

Let’s not forget about the spoolies, as I know that’s important for some people. The Brow Wiz has a great spoolie, very soft, easy to work with and better at blending out the product naturally. Not that the Microbrow’s is bad; it’s not at all. It’s just a bit stiffer – not enough to be painful, but noticeable – so of course it’s a little nicer to use the Brow Wiz spoolie.

If expiration dates matter to you, note the Brow Wiz boasts a 24 month longevity compared to the 12 months the Microbrow has.


In short, absolutely! While the Brow Wiz is cooler toned (which I prefer) and has a nicer spoolie with slightly sturdier packaging, I’m not sure whether I’d spend twice the price for it. While the Brow Wiz is a good pencil to have, I’m just as happy with the Microbrow.

Have you tried NYX Microbrow or any other Brow Wiz dupe?