Reviewing my Black Friday purchases from Complex Beauty, including the Godmother enzyme mask, Smooth Operator antioxidant mask & Afterglow Complexion Mist.

A result of Black Friday – or, rather, Black Monday, considering Complex Beauty ran their sale all week – was The Godmother enzyme mask, Smooth Operator antioxidant mask, and the Afterglow Complexion Mist from Complex Beauty (three items from their Glow Getters set). I’ve been wanting to try them ever since seeing them on Caked To The Nines blog, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw they were doing a 50% off sitewide sale. Although I wasn’t planning on the mist, I’ve heard it’s been such a game-changer for some people with the same textural skincare issues I have, so I picked it up.

I want to try everything from them, basically, and had a hard time choosing which masks to pick first. I was seriously debating about splurging on the whole set, since I wanted to try all of them, but then figured it was overkill on the masks. I likely wouldn’t get through them before they expired. However, I’m really excited about the pieces I got and here ya go.

The Godmother Enzyme Mask

Lately, I’ve been into products with fruit AHAs in them. I think it’s the very mention of “fruit” that makes me think, “healthy!” when it comes to my skin. Plus, I don’t have a ton of experience with chemical exfoliating, even though I’ve read it’s much better for your skin. This mask ticks all those boxes of what I was looking for in my bi-weekly facial _love_

The Godmother looks and smells like pumpkin, so make sure to have your pumpkin pie handy while you mask in this. This was especially true for me because *thankfully* we had leftover pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving. It does have a thinner consistency than I anticipated – I’m not sure what made me expect a thicker, goopier mask, but all the same I’m happy because a little goes a long way and the jar looks very small.

A few moments after applying, it’ll start to tingle and eventually turn into a light burning sensation. Aaaand, as I’m writing this is just reminds me of:

I have a fairly low pain tolerance so I just grit my teeth and tried to forget about it, which is easy enough to do. As I said, light. It’ll settle down a bit as far as how it feels, but I didn’t realize that until after I had washed it off, and my skin wasn’t hurting at all.

Afterwards, I loved how this mask didn’t dry my skin out at all; in fact, my skin felt fresh and new afterwards.

Smooth Operator Antioxidant Mask

Smooth Operator had me at “anti-stress” and “anti-pollution” which are the first two adjectives used to illustrate this mask in their description. Any mask that advertises to help with the effects of pollution, I am so there for it. If you guys have any recommendations, throw them my way!

Though personally I am not a fan of the scent, it’s not strong at all. It does linger, as the mask is on your face, but again, it’s light and definitely not a deal breaker.

Like the Godmother, it has a surprisingly thin texture, yet also a bit bouncy and mousse-y (if that makes sense) which makes it easy to spread. It can give a bit of a cooling sensation after it’s on for a few minutes, but then it goes away. Thankfully, it stays pretty flexible the entire 20 minutes it’s on your face and doesn’t entirely dry down, meaning you can still talk and move your mouth easily.

A gentle mask through and through, I enjoyed using this, as well as the soft results my skin saw after washing it off – which, by the way, is a simple process. The water will turn the mask into a light, almost milky consistency that requires a few more commercial-worthy splashes of water but otherwise easy enough.

Both masks contain vitamin C, which aids in pigmentation, not something I personally have, but an ingredient to keep in mind if you do have pigmentation.

With both of the masks, a little goes a long way, so don’t be surprised how small they are at first, like I was.

Afterglow Complexion Mist

I have high expectations for this product, to the point where I am full on expecting Holy Grail status from this. I’m a bit scared of that moment because $34 is a hefty price for a mist, but oh well. It hasn’t achieved that status yet only because while it has been about a month, I think mists take a little longer to really show long term results, and to be honest, I haven’t been all that consistent with this. For best results, this does say it should be applied throughout the day. For summer, this is no problem, but for winter I cringe at spraying something cooling over my face. However, I do think it’s helping!

The little bumps on my forehead and between my brows are slowly getting more and more diminished (with the help of the masks, too, of course) and this is the perfect mist to give you an instant glow. Plus, and this is my favorite part, it’s not just your average fact mist – it has fruit enzymes that help exfoliate your skin in a very gentle way! It does contain AHAs though, so I always make sure to use sunscreen if I’m going outside.

Packaging wise, the spray nozzle is deceiving; it looks like a normal nozzle (think Mario Badescu spray), but the spray it gives is hands down the finest mist I’ve ever tried. It does, however, linger in the air for a bit, so I waft it towards my face, where the mist sinks in quickly. It’s not the best smelling mist, but it does go away after a few moments, and I’ll take it as long as the results are there. While I enjoy using it now, I’m sure I’ll see more/better results once I get to using this more frequently.

Have you tried anything from Complex Beauty? Do you want to?

  • I really want to try this brand unfortunately for me I think they are US only for now?

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      Actually I just checked and they do ship to Canada now!

  • I have never heard of this brand, but the products seem really great. I’m eager to try out both masks, but you made me a little scared of the Godmother Enzyme Mask haha. I just had a look at their products, they do seem a bit pricey but the bundles would be great to try

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

    • Sam

      I know, I really wish they had the bundles when I was ordering, haha!

  • Zorica

    Great review.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I haven’t tried anything from Complex Beauty, but they’re definitely a brand I’m interested in trying! My skin is on the dry/sensitive side during the winter so I try to keep AHAs to a minimum, but the Smooth Operator Mask sounds lovely! 50% off is such a great deal too!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      As soon as I saw the 50% off I clicked on a new tab to go there so fast, lol.

  • I hear about this brand a lot actually, but never wanted to try them in case they could have something that wouldn’t agree with my sensitive skin. I do love your review it is informative with great photos. 🙂

    • Sam

      Thanks Heather! They have great info on their site too, if you’re concerned about sensitive skin!

  • I’d never heard of the brand before, so thanks for the introduction! I like the sound of the first mask, although I couldn’t take the tingling sensation, it would annoy me I’m sure. It’s good you could put up with it and it’s not that painful.

    I’m excited it’s nearly Christmas! With most of the wrapping done and just waiting for the last gifts to arrive in the mail, we are trying to have a relaxing weekend as next week will be so busy! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      Yeah, it’s just one of those things where it hurts a little, but after you take it off you forgot how much it hurts, haha. I hope you did have a relaxing weekend, and that your week is going smoothly at least!

  • I have only heard about this brand. I have not tried any of these Complex Beatuy products and will probably pass since I have similar products that work. Thanks so much for sharing about this.

    • Sam

      Makes sense! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • i have a (ridiculously expensive) tatcha mask that has fruit ahas in them and i love how gently exfoliating it is! i think after 2 or 3 uses, i got baby smooth skin 🙂 usually i expect all my masks to be thick/goopy, so the thinner ones sometimes catch me off guard, lol. i hate hate hate stinging/warming/BURNING masks with a passion – i honestly just can’t take it at all.

    my favorite masks have to be the ones that remain flexible on my face – it’s just far more comfortable than feeling like my mask is going to flake off if i make any kind of expression.

    becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      I like to think I can handle the stinging masks, but they do scare me! Especially like the babyfacial, I’ve heard from multiple people that they can’t handle it for more than a few minutes the first time!

      I totally agree about the masks that remain flexible – it’s not only eons more comfortable, but I can actually have conversations (and mainly laugh) when I have them on!

  • Zorica

    Thanks for the introduction.