december updates


Here I am, a blanket wrapped around me (despite the fact that it’s 70 degrees outside and even semi-sunny) listening to Crywolf, smelling something called Peppered Smoke (not as good as it sounds) and thinking about how it’s been like, four or five weeks since my last blog post.

Honestly, I did mean to have something up during the first two weeks of December while I was in Thailand because HELLO, I was in THAILAND. Not only has it been years since I’ve travelled outside of the country, it marks my first time in Asia.

Except I went to bed almost every night at around 9, after a full day of touring and eating and taking blurry pictures (which of course didn’t make itself known until I was sorting through them) and for TWO DAYS (decades in teenage time, disregarding the fact I’m no longer a teenager) we didn’t have wifi. Except, as we found on the last day, we actually did. This is why you don’t leave me to figure out what piece of paper has the wifi password along with, “WiFi is complimentary for your first three days here.”

It’s okay guys, I survived.

Also I discovered new things like MANGOSTEEN. Has anybody ever tried it / knows what it is?

Apparently it’s a fruit and while we didn’t get to try the actual fruit, the ice cream flavor was pretty bomb. There were also wafers and biscuit sticks *ahem pocky* which were mangosteen flavored and VERY GOOD.

And?? There’s this guy who was on the corner of our hotel??? And he made Decepticons out of WIRES???

again, the BLURRINESS. i’m so sorry

There was also a guitar he made and customized on the spot for another tourist passing by. Just. Like. So much skill????

And then when we came home there was that whole jet lag deal – which I staunchly denied until I ended up sleeping until 1 pm the following two days, only to not be able to fall asleep Monday night. Aha. Ha. Ha.

I was going to do some Thailand posts on my blog sharing my travels, but unfortunately since so many of my pictures are blurry and I didn’t do a very good job of keeping them organized, I’ll be picking some and giving you updates (that have already happened) over Instagram! They don’t match with my aesthetic at all but considering how all over the place I am, I’m just gonna go with it.

On another note I’m mentally berating myself for not being able to keep up on this blogging thing. I’m not going to say too much about it because I feel I already have and it all went to butts anyway. I will say that I have some completely doable goals / ideas for my blog this upcoming year (NEW YEAR’S IS COMING UP) that I’m starting.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know I’m not dead and I’m going to keep blogging. Because I really really want to even though I’m SO lazy.

BUT keep an eye out next week! I’ll be back to some *actual* content for you guys 🙂

Hope you’ve had an amazing December so far!