Time to talk about skin (because it’s always pertinent to talk about skin problems).

It took me awhile to get to the point where I actually started caring and paying attention to my skin, and when I did, it was totally worth it. Granted I would never call myself an expert when it comes to skincare, but for the most part, I know what tends to work for me. So anything with “purifying” or “detox” in the name, I am there.

Which is why I was so excited over Derma E’s Purifying Daily Detox Scrub* and Purifying 2 in 1 Charcoal Mask*.

Honestly, I had never heard of Derma E before, but that doesn’t make it any less crucial when we’re talking about brands that adhere to ethical beauty standards. Derma E is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so none of their products contain parabens.


Although I love both masks and scrubs, I was really excited to use the scrub first since I have quite a lot of face masks that I need to go through. This charcoal-based scrub is meant to be gentle enough to be used as daily exfoliation and I will say that it definitely accomplished that. I’ve been using it almost everyday since I got it and I don’t feel like my skin is drying out at all, which is a concern I have with over-exfoliating.

I also liked the physical exfoliants themselves – they were small enough that they didn’t feel grating against my skin yet present enough where I could actually feel them, which is something I prefer in scrubs.

The first time I used this it felt surprisingly minty. Like when you use a strong, spearmint toothpaste and your mouth feels like a magical land of coolness and freshness and clean. Imagine that feeling on your face, and that’s how it felt. However once I used it again the feeling was not as prominent, unless you let it sit on your face a while.

When it comes to results, my skin consistently was smooth which is something I had had a problem with before. I felt like only a day or two after exfoliating my skin would feel gross again but that’s not the situation with this product (and my skin thanks it).


The charcoal mask is very similar to the scrub. In fact, the only difference I felt in formulas was that the mask had a more runny consistency compared to the scrub, but everything else (color, presence and substance of the exfoliants) were the same.

The mask does have a more tightening feeling when you apply it, and it does dry fast. In fact, you’re only supposed to leave it on for about five minutes (or until the mask is dry) before wetting your hands, and scrubbing. It does have the same “cooling” feeling I associated with the scrub, just to a lesser degree.

Since you’re scrubbing with the mask as well, I did not feel a need to use the scrub and mask on the same day. On that note, the results are similar to the scrub; it made my skin feel clean and smooth.

The mask is comparable to Ole Henriksen’s Truth Sugar Glow Mask where you leave it on for a short period and then scrub, although this one is much cleaner to apply. However, it is a little harder to “activate” the scrub since you have to constantly re-wet your hands as opposed to the Truth Sugar, where you can just scrub after five minutes.


I like them both, as they give me a fresh, clean face especially with the minty feeling afterwards. I will say that I don’t think you need to purchase both – at least at the same time. The mask does have exfoliants so you can scrub as well, so I just didn’t see the need to have both.

I preferred the scrub over the mask as I have a lot of face masks, so the mask didn’t stand out to me as much. I think at this point, it just depends on what you need or prefer.

* indicates the item(s) were received for free in return for my honest opinion.

Have you ever tried Derma E before?

  • These have been getting really great reviews all over the blogsphere, I just wish this brand is easily available in Canada.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Ela

    I’d like to try the scrub – I’m a sucker for anything that exfoliates.
    Ela |

    • Sam

      Same! I really like that I can use it every day too.

  • I haven’t seen or heard of these before but they sure do sound like a dream. I think I’d prefer the scrub as well just because I love a good scrub haha! Have a lovely day 🙂

    • Sam

      I know, I really need to up my scrub game lol!

  • Haven’t heard of this brand but it sounds amazing! I love a good skin mask, thanks for the review!



    • Sam

      Glad you liked it!