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I've been tagged by Yiota for the Fall Favorites Tag and I'm so excited so share my fall favorites! Ironically, fall is also my favorite season!

Thanks to Yiota at Pink Daisy Loves for tagging me!

So the funny thing is I live in Southern California so seasons really blend into each other. In the winter, you can go out with shorts and maybe a cardigan and still feel relatively comfortable temperature wise. However, we still have our cool spells (and rain spells, thankfully) because would it be fall without it? (Yes. It would.)

But without further ado…

Favorite eye makeup

I don’t change my eye makeup to go with seasons, rather for how I’m feeling that particular day or to match what I’m wearing. Usually it’s neutrals, although I will say I’m very close to jumping on the metallic train. I have my eye on the Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine (in either 01 Milan or 03 Florence) because I saw swatches on Pinterest that looked gorgeous.

Favorite candles

Anything that smells good. I’m not super picky about my candles, although I do have a blackberry cardamom candle that feels perfect for fall.

Favorite scents

When it comes to perfumes, in general I go for something light and casual but around the fall I like the muskier scents that aren’t too overpowering.

As for an actual scent, the smell after it rains is my absolute favorite.

Favorite nail polish

Typically I’m not a nail polish person. However, my mom and my sister just got me two nail polishes that I really like. One is Chocolate Moose by OPI which is more of your typical fall color, like a light brown that still is flattering on your nails.

The other is Petal Pushers by Essie which is more of a gray color. A year ago this is not something I would have picked out for myself, but lately I’m getting into more interesting / not your regular nail colors while still staying in the neutral zone.

Favorite lip color

I’m not alone (and I’m definitely not original) in saying that for the fall, I prefer darker burgundy, wine colored lipsticks. I just got some Colourpop lipsticks from their Fall Edit and I’m really enjoying using those, even if they’re not ALL wine-colored.

I've been tagged by Yiota for the Fall Favorites Tag and I'm so excited so share my fall favorites! Ironically, fall is also my favorite season!
Top to bottom: Calypso, Viper, Barracuda, Sookie, Hutch

I realize this is not the best quality (for some reason I can’t get my phone to focus while still maintaining a slightly higher exposure so the shadow isn’t so pronounced) but Sookie is the only glossy lip here, more reddish than Hutch, which is reminiscent to NYX’s Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania. Calyspo, almost a lighter shade of Barracuda, is more wearable for everyday purposes along with Viper and its with its purple undertones.

Favorite Halloween costume

I love mythological creatures in general, so anything like faeries and mermaids and goddesses with an interesting / gory twist catch my eye. I also like the idea of taking something normally seen as good and putting a darker twist on it.

Favorite accessories

Scarves make me feel cozy, but rarely is it ever cold enough to wear a scarf (especially as mine are more on the heavier side) so I like accessorizing with hats. I have a few floppy ones and a few baseball caps I recently got, but I’m also in the market for a black fedora!

Psst: if you have places you normally shop and get a good price, let me know!

Favorite drink

When I think of fall, I think of cool nights and misty rain (mostly so I don’t have to close my window) and snuggling in bed watching Netflix with something warm, like hot chocolate. Even better if it’s something like peppermint or pumpkin-y. Chai tea works too.

Favorite TV show

My all time favorite is without a doubt Parks and Rec, but when I want something more mood heavy (and longer than 20 minutes) Sense8 is a great one. There’s a plot, it still has some light moments, and it’s always interesting. Another one I can binge watch easily is The Flash, especially since they just added the second season to Netflix.

But if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Favorite movie

Generally I like watching romantic comedies (or just comedies in general) because they make me happy, although lately I’m on the other end of that spectrum with movies like Four Brothers (I swear I watched this twice in a week) or even the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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What are your fall favorites?