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Hi, guys!

Instead of pushing myself to find “favorites” for the month, I decided to do this sort of post where I just talk about what products I’ve used during the month – favorite or not. I feel like I always have to write about things that are really positive when it comes to reviews, but it’s not always so!


So I know that I said these aren’t favorites but so far I’ve been loving this BB cream which I have in the shade No. 27 Honey Beige. The color match is PERFECT, which is the major thing I had been worried about when I looked at this online. However, if I get this again instead of trying another brand, I’m actually debating about going a shade lighter just to brighten up my face.

Other than that, I love how light it is on my skin and doesn’t look cake-y or cling to my dry spots, which are the two biggest things I look at for my base. The packaging is also somewhat unique with a pump on the bottom as opposed to the top. It doesn’t hinder the performance in any way and I actually prefer pumps as I find them easier to use, but since it stood out to me I thought I’d mention it.

What I don’t like about this is the smell. It’s very strong and heavily perfumed which is not my favorite and while not a deal breaker, something to consider if you’re sensitive to that nose-wise or skin-wise.


Unfortunately, this mask is probably one of my least favorite products I’ve tried this month. I usually like Origins, but when I tried my sample version, I couldn’t find anything I really liked about it.

Originally I was pretty pumped because like I said, I like Origins face masks. Plus, it was something you only had to leave on for five minutes, and no rinse was required to take it off. Which is all fine and dandy, but when I actually went to apply it, the consistency was almost sticky. Five minutes later, no real change and when I went to take it off, I found it much harder than I thought.

Not only that, but the results were not nearly as good as I’d wanted. I felt like it had done absolutely nothing for my skin and not like I had done a mask at all.


My first Naked palette, I’m pleasantly surprised by the mix of colors in here. I know my friend has the Rose Gold palette which I had been debating about getting but ultimately decided that I just wouldn’t use a majority of the colors. However, even though my “smokey eye look” isn’t something I do too often outside a special event, I find I can use a lot of the colors on an everyday look.



I really enjoyed using this polishing mask by Ole Henriksen, and would definitely consider getting a full size. Considering it’s $42 price point, it’d definitely be a splurge item though.

As this particular mask has physical exfoliants inside, I had to caution myself against using it like a mask, especially because the texture was reminiscent of brown sugar in a whole lot of honey and I just wanted to use it like a scrub. However, I glad I resisted the temptation because once the five minutes were over and I began exfoliating at the instructions heeded, the exfoliants of course were much softer and gentler against my face.

The results were a smooth, almost glowing face, and I don’t say that lightly. I was stupefied by this product and wished there was enough product in the packet for multiple uses.


The second of two samples I got for Christmas, the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder is SUPER FUN to use. It’s a very finely milled powder (and yes, unfortunately, you use the whole sample packet for one use), mix with water, and massage on your face.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to see a difference because one, it’s only a one use sample, and two, it’s a powder, similar to flour. And while the foaming on your face is certainly entertaining to play with, I was unsure whether I’d see a difference.

Those doubts were easily smacked down. Not only did my skin feel smooth (as though I had exfoliated) but also as soft as a baby’s butt. No joke. I swear my skin felt reborn. All this after just a minute or so of rubbing the product over my face. No scrub, plus a toner, plus a mask, plus a moisturizer afterwards. Just. One. Product.

The biggest difference between the Polishing Mask and the Enzyme Powder is I felt the mask made my skin cleaner and more shiny – I wonder if this is partly because I like feeling the physical exfoliants so maybe it’s a psychological thing? – whereas with the powder I felt the results were more geared towards softer skin and something you could do everyday.


Although there are no eyeshadows in this collection, I feasted myself on both liquid lipsticks, one Blotted Lip and the bronzer/highlighter duo named Topaz.

Left to right: Little Weapon, Bare Necessities, Deja Vu, bonzer, highlighter

The only two items of this collection I don’t have are  the Exotic and Lexi Blotted Lip, which is a shame because I’ve found the Blotted Lip to be one of my favorite formulas. Deja Vu in particular is a very natural, my-lips-but-better look. I was wearing it in my TMI tag video and you can hardly tell! Although it’s not quite as long-lasting as I hoped, nor will it survive a heavy meal, it’s so small and easy to keep in your purse for a neutral look.

The bronzer/highlighter duo was not what I expected – in a good way. For one, I thought it would be smaller and was pleasantly surprised when I felt a bit of weight to the product.

Secondly, in the pictures from the Colourpop website I thought the highlighter would be lighter but it was way more golden toned than I had expected. Thankfully it didn’t turn out bad at all and I found that the golden toned highlighter looked glowy on my medium toned skin.

Last but not least, I was a little disappointed with the two liquid lipsticks, Bare Necessities being a neutral nude and Little Weapon a strawberry red. I had expected both of them to turn out more muted than they actually were, but both were surprisingly bright. Not bad looking on me at all if I do say so myself (and I do) but not what I was expecting.  

What are some products you’ve been using up this month?

  • Every single time I see a post on the Urban Decay Smoky palette I am reminded of mine and how much I dislike it. I find the quality to be underwhelming, I really should try using it again though.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      Really? That’s how I felt about their rose gold palette that my friend has, although that’s the only one I have to compare it to.

  • That rice enzyme powder sounds so nice!! It’s always so difficult to really see a difference after one use only. That sounds so incredible! Also, I am debating between the naked 3 and the smokey one too because I love the colors on the naked 3 with all the pinks, but there isn’t enough of a variation too. Which colors are your favorites on the smokey palette?

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Sam

      Yeah, I really like the versatility of the smokey palette, though I don’t own the 3 so not sure how it compares. My favorites from the smokey are dirtysweet and radar although I use combust and whiskey A LOT, partially because those are mattes compared to dirtysweet and radar.

  • I keep seeing that Alexis Ren Colourpop collab all over instagram. It looks awesome.


    • Sam

      Definitely if you’re into lipsticks it’s a good collab to check into!

  • I have a sample of that Tatcha powder. Can’t wait to start using it! That red lipstick color is just stunning!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Sam

      The Tatcha powder is so FUN!

  • Yiotou_La

    I am so sad I didn’t ordered the Missha BB Cream when I ordered some korean cosmetics, I was so tempted to buy it since I read amazing reviews about it but I already own like 4 or 5 BB Creams so maybe I will order it when I finish the one I am currently using.


    • Sam

      That’s the same problem I have with a lot of products! I’m really starting to crack down on finishing what I have first before buying a new one, haha