Swapping out makeup is less daunting than skincare but we like to know what to expect from our makeup products. Check out my face full of first impressions!

Alright, so this didn’t turn out as “full face” as I thought it would, but we’re covering a lot of the important parts—base, cheeks and lips. Pretty much all but one of these items is from my Sephora kits haul, because travel sized items are the cuuutest! Plus, it adds a little extra for those who are thinking about trying out these kits for themselves.

So let’s get right into it!



Normally, the Becca Backlight Priming Filter is a product that would not even be on my radar. However, thanks to an amazing sale from Ulta, I couldn’t resist picking this up for half the price and seeing what the hype was about.

And let me tell you—I so get it.

First off, it’s a thin, watery consistency which I was not expecting at all. This makes a little go a long way, and with a 1 oz bottle, it’s means a lot.

The glow itself is pearlescent and subtle, enough that you could add it to the high points of your face for a natural highlight, or as a general primer underneath your base for a dewy look that isn’t over the top. Seriously, using this, I finally get the whole “lit from within” sentiment.



I know this hasn’t gotten the coolest reviews but so far I actually like this product. It’s very creamy, although I can’t tell if that’s because it’s been super hot lately.

While I was concerned about the color being a tad too dark (as I always seem to choose my foundations that way before regretting it later), it seems to be working out okay. And bonus, I have no complaints about coverage. It covered my redness and slight breakout well enough, which is all I can ask for since I’m still into rocking the ‘el natural but not really’ look.


A little goes a long way with this travel-sized CC cream.Though I’m not into the prominent sunscreen smell (although at least it tells me that I’m properly protecting my face from those darned sun rays) and it’s a little darker than I had thought for a light/medium color, I like this.

It matches really well with my skintone, it’s lightweight, and it’s easy to blend out with your fingers or sponge of your choice.

Swapping out makeup is less daunting than skincare but we like to know what to expect from our makeup products. Check out my face full of first impressions!



This Marc Jacobs lipstick in Slow Burn has been my only lipstick purchase in a long time, which is pretty good considering I have waaay too many lipsticks and it’s the last thing I should be spending money on right now.

I don’t know what I was expecting with this. Honestly, I just thought it was a good price for the brand name, and Slow Burn was described as one of their more popular colors. The reason I like this is actually the same reason I don’t.

On my lips, Slow Burn turned out like a light purple-y color that I’m still not convinced is very flattering on me. However, I definitely do not have a color like this in my collections of nudes and pinks and browns, so if ever I’m looking for something different, this is a good option.


I’m not going to lie, I was surprised to have liked this as much as I did. Even when I was swatching it on my finger, it has the most sheer, glossy consistency I’ve ever used. And because it was so glossy, I had to double check to see if it really could be used as a cheek product as well.

But let me tell you: it blends so beautifully on the cheeks. Beautiful, but hella subtle. Subtle as in the only reason I knew it was there was because I put it on one cheek and not the other.

I will say that I didn’t find it substantially long lasting, particularly on the lips, so this is a product you’re going to have to carry around and reapply. The good part is that it’s extremely travel friendly.



SInce I got both of these in my haul, I wanted to try them at the same time to see how they would compare. Right off the bat, I like this more than the powder. It could be because it’s so reminiscent of the Priming Filter in both consistency and overall effect? Or perhaps because I got more GLOW from this as opposed to the powder?

Now, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy using the powder. It’s very pigmented and swatches well, but I just didn’t see that glowy color transfer to the cheeks very well. I don’t feel it blended as smoothly as the wand did. I could see this being a great eyeshadow as I tend to pack in more product on my eyes, but when it comes to highlight I’d rather pick up the wand.

Have you tried any of these items? Do you want to try any?