Hiking Beauty Essentials

If you don't know what to take hiking, don't worry! Check out this post

Father’s Day was this past weekend, and to celebrate, my dad, sister and I drove into the mountains for a 3.5 mile hike to Suicide Rock.

Now it’s safe to say that despite my leisurely “hikes” every Saturday for the past month and a half with my friends, I was not prepared for an actual hike. You know, going uphill and stuff. The whole works.

It’s why I decided to write up this post. For this relatively moderate hike occurring over the course of 4 hours (not including our time at the top), these little things might be helpful.


So this is hardly a “beauty” item, but it’s important to bring a lot of water. To put it in perspective, we brought probably about 5 water bottles for the 3 of us, and all of us were still incredibly thirsty by the time we got back to our car. I was the most out of shape, and I wasn’t even chugging down our water supply (even though I really wanted to).

However I will say that at least 1 full bottle was specifically used to cool us down rather than drinking. So it makes sense to say that bringing a hydrating mist would be beneficial, so you’re not wasting drinking water.


Again, hardly an actual beauty item, but important. I forget to put sunblock on my chest, but covered my shoulders, and it made a huge difference. Unless your hike is super long (or you have sensitive skin and burn easily), I don’t recommend taking it in your backpack because it just adds weight. I put it on just before we left and it lasted 4+ hours perfectly fine.

Tip: I would however take bug repellent, especially if you’re going to a more woodsy area like we did. I have several bites.


Unless you actually hike, I don’t think you realize how chapped your lips can get. If you get a lot of sun on the trail, a little SPF in your chapstick doesn’t hurt. Elevation also makes a difference. The higher you go the more likely you are to get crackly lips, and nobody wants that. Yeah, just save yourself the trouble and don’t forget the chapstick.


Okay, let’s get out of the common sense items. When you go hiking, whether it be with family or friends, ten to one they’re going to want to take pictures – especially when you get to your destination. Obviously we all want to look good in pictures, and a sweaty, blotchy face isn’t exactly the way to go.

I also don’t like having a full face of foundation when I’m exercising either, so I just brought my normal Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. A few dabs onto the cheeks and you already look less winded.


Whether it’s  because you gotta go, or you want to feel clean before you eat, Wet Ones are really great to have when hiking. They’re light to carry, and have a variety of uses. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring them on our hike, but that’s also when you realize how helpful they can be!

So those are more geared towards beauty items I’d take when hiking, but don’t forget other important things to take or wear, even on a day trip! That includes snacks, thick socks, well-fitting shoes, a jacket (even if it’s hot, you never know), a first-aid kit, and even a hat! Hope this helped, and be safe!

Have fun,



What did you do for Father’s Day?