Instagram Roundup

Looking for new Instagram accounts to follow? Look no further! Here are some amazing recommendations in a variety of categories!

Instagram is a major social media outlet that’s great if your brand is based on visuals. And even if it’s not, you can always find inspiration or share your own experiences. It’s grown to host several categories like travel, beauty, fashion and food. Some don’t necessarily fit into a category, but rather a posting style like pale, or bright. I’ve composed a list of a few Instagrammers that include these categories for you.


travel london

bellywellyjelly: A lot of the Instagrammers I follow travel a lot, but Christabel has a mostly travel related feed, including some of her foodie finds. Color-wise, she has a very vibrant feed that often features herself in the interesting and adventurous photos! I secretly live vicariously through her.

dreachong: Andrea’s feed also revolves mostly around travel with the occasional but amazing style shots. She’s also featured in many of her own shots, but they aren’t selfies, they’re something you would see in a magazine. Andrea is also a frequent user of Airbnb, which means she gets some really cool inside shots of the places she gets to stay at sometimes (and possible discounts for her followers).

For those unfamiliar, Airbnb is a business where you can book to stay in other people’s homes when you travel. It’s not creepy at all, and their site has pictures and reviews of the places you can stay. Sometimes it may be cheaper than booking a room in a hotel, and the great thing is that Airbnb is totally unique!


fashion instagram

littleblackboots: To be honest, I used to be majorly obsessed with Jill’s feed, liking almost every picture she posted. She has a versatile feed, sometimes featuring just a simple Polaroid or a vertical/horizontal picture instead of using Instagram’s standard square. I love the outfits she showcases, although it’s personally not my style as she is more boho than I. But it’s definitely a fashion account to check out!

xoxotsumi + lillehoang: Tsutsumi and Alexandra are sisters that have an amazing fashion blog (and Instagrams)! Not just because I’m in love with Tsutsumi’s hair, but both of them have such colorful feeds, and I always want to steal their look. Their blog, Giggles & Dimples, gives a good sense of their style as well (along with more hi-res pictures of their very trendy outfits!) They also attend fashion shows and festivals, so there’s plenty of looks for what they wear to these events. Now that Alexandra is in Australia and Tsutsumi is still in Norway, you can get double the adventure from two different parts of the world, which is very cool!

melimunchi: Meli’s account is growing super fast, and for good reason! Her photos are simple, most taken in front of her white wall. It’s easy to focus on her cute but casual outfits! It’s definitely more my style, so whenever I’m looking for inspiration on what to wear, I always check out her feed.


food instagram

alliosn: Allison has a good looking feed, and I don’t mean that in terms of colors or backgrounds (both of which are on POINT). Contrary to the account I talk about next, Allison takes more pictures of meals rather than desserts. Sometimes that food is generally Asian in origin too, so you’ll have to see if that’s your thing. She also travels quite a bit, so every once in a while there’s a cool photo of her travels, but mostly centered around the food she tries.

taramilktea: While she does some travelling as well, this feed is mostly centered around food that will make you so hungry and craving all the sweet things. Warning: desserts included. There are so many delicious looking foods and if you happen to be located in Sydney, a lot of her shots come from that area (and occasionally New Zealand)!


pale blue instagram

stylesteffi: The only reason I have this category in here is for this particular Instagrammer, that’s how awesome it is. Steffi has a very simple, bright and airy feed. But it encompasses a lot of categories like décor, travel, style and food. I think it’s pretty artistic and if you’re not into selfies, don’t worry! She only has a few; the rest of her feed is a blue-hued adventure.

What are your favorite Instagram feeds to look at?

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