We're into the first week of August now and you know what that means: July favorites! These are my non-beauty favorites featuring mostly tv shows!

When I was writing this up, I realized that I don’t have a lot of beauty / skincare favorites this month, rather things I’ve been watching (or bought) instead.

Yeah, okay, so 99% of this is tv shows, but if you’re looking for something new to watch, I’ve got you covered.


There’s not a lot to say about this except all the new songs Jay Park is coming out with are FIRE 🔥🔥 This song is more cutesy than you’d expect from Jay Park, but it’s catchy and I’d recommend a listen if you’re into kpop (or even if you’re not and looking for song recs). Drive by Jay Park is also another good listen! And turn on closed captions for Drive, they were actually written by Jay Park, so not only are they the English lyrics, but they’re kinda funny too!


I have been on the search for a black tote at an affordable price for some time. A few months ago I found one at Zara for $30 that I loved, but because I’m a chicken and it takes me time to actually process if I really need it and I really want to pay $6 for shipping or get another $30 item, I missed it. They had their annual sale and at $20 it was gone by the time I noticed.

It made me sad, but I went on yet another search and found one at Forever 21 ON SALE, so you can bet I grabbed it right up for less than $15. It’s obviously not as nice looking as the Zara one, but for less than $15 and a simple, black tote, I was super excited to finally get it in the mail. Although it’s no longer available, this one is similar!


I have just started watching this on Netflix during the past week and I am hooked. I noticed when it was a new arrival recently but every time I read the summary I wasn’t sure I was going to like it; I thought it would be cheesy and too much action. Finally I decided to take my chances when everything else I tried watching wasn’t catching my attention.

It’s about the story of a woman, Teresa, whose drug runner boyfriend just just died. Turns out he was stealing from his boss so people come after her and she’s thrown into being an active participant to the world of drugs. Lots of other shit ensues.

Do you see how I got to the conclusion of cheesy and too much action?

Really though, it’s not. I like the characters (and if you’re into strong, female characters, this will appeal to you as well), and of course there’s a bigger plot behind everything, which makes it interesting. I also like it because the dialogue is more intelligent, not just throwing in swear words every other sentence, or vulgar threats, which I don’t like. This sentence may seem ironic when you read my next favorite, but you’ll see.

If you’re looking for a compelling watch (Narcos was kind of boring to me ngl), check out Queen of the South!    


I can’t believe this has been out on YouTube for years and I hadn’t known about this. I always saw gifs on Tumblr, but never knew what they were from until Stephanie Villa talked about it in one of her vlogs.

Basically it’s a stop motion YouTube series using Barbies and showing them in high school, but with really crass & adult humor. Plus some poop jokes.

I’m usually not into that kind of humor—I prefer to avoid at all costs when possible—but there’s something about it being used as Barbie voices that makes it kind of, well, funny.

If you’re even remotely interested, check out the first episode on YouTube, it’s less than 3 minutes. You’ll get a pretty good idea from there whether it’s something you’d want to watch.

It’s very easy to binge as most episodes are about 7-12 minutes, and the first season they’re even shorter, about 3-6 minutes. They’re currently running the fifth season now (I’m on the fourth) and they also have extra content on their channel.


Took me forever to get on this train but to be honest, whenever I see something so hyped up, I avoid it like the plague. As it happens, I was in the mood for something a little more serious and a little darker than what I normally go for, so I figured why not?

I didn’t expect to like to as much as I did, but suffice it to say I’m glad I started watching! I finished the whole season (8 episodes) in a few days.

It wasn’t that scary and while the episodes were long, I never felt totally drained or thought “ugh, when is this overrr”. Although I will say, and this is probably an unpopular opinion, I still don’t get the hype over Millie Bobby Brown in this show, she says like two words the entire time but that’s just me.

I’m very interested in the second season and can’t wait until they upload it to Netflix!

What are your July favorites? Have you been into any new TV shows lately?

  • I am like you, I avoid anything that is overly hyped but Stranger Things is definitely an exceptional series! I can’t wait for the second Season to be out.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      Same! I hate and love when the first season ended in a cliffhanger!

  • I actually haven’t watched many new TV shows lately, I’m too lazy to find one! I do need to watch the second series of Lucifer though x

    Velvet Blush

    • Sam

      I’ve heard about Lucifer! Part of me wants to watch it & the other part is too lazy since it’s not on Netflix where I am 🙁

  • I just checked out the most popular girls in school and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it? This is exactly the kind of humor that I love, lol. I’ve tried watching Stranger Things with my boyfriend once and I chickened out after the first episode, I’m really not a big fan of the whole horror/thriller kind of shows haha.

    Becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      Oh definitely, I’m such a chicken with thriller shows, I really have to be in the mood to watch something like that. But yes, The Most Popular Girls in School is amazing! I just got my friends into watching it too, haha!

  • Girl I totally agree…. I also hate to pay for Shipping… why they can’t be free shipping all time … right 🙂 But I am glad that you got a better deal at forever 21. I need to catch up with all the TV series 🙂 xx

  • haha…. non beauty! Love F21 too!
    instagram @grace_njio