krakow, poland | notes on traveling

notes on traveling

It is currently 11:13 pm in Krakow, Poland.

And goddamn, I am TIRED.

But knowing that I haven’t posted in a while – and wasn’t planning to for at least another week – left a little itch in my heart. (And my knees, because apparently dry skin and denim chafing brings about a wild rash haha who know, amirite?)

So I’m bringing you my completely official and totally helpful notes on my travels across Eastern Europe so far:

_glossier balm dot com is my new fave. My lips have been nonstop chapped if it weren’t for this baby. And like?? The first few times I used this it was decidedly unimpressive; I couldn’t tell a difference between using my normal Burt’s Bees and this but bringing it on this trip was a freakin’ gamechanger. I’m glad I gave it another shot.

_why didn’t I bring my smaller earphones? 

_why are the doors so heavy in Poland (literally could NOT even open a door of a restaurant)

_cute boys a b o u n d

_I REALLY wish I spoke another language. Going through different countries with different national languages all at once is a little overwhelming, even more so when you’re hungry and can’t find a menu in English. Although Polish and Hungarian are not languages I could have learned in school, it makes me really think about the fact that I can only speak and understand English.

_for all the luggage I brought, another pair of pants would have been nice. I know the rash on my knees was definitely from a combination of the harsh wind (what I consider harsh wind, coming from sunny California) and my jeans, but I can’t believe I’m spending three weeks in Europe with two pairs of mom jeans. 

_thank GOD for portable chargers 

_never knew how much I shouted LOOK AT ME I’M A TOURIST

_this is the first time I haven’t packed so much unnecessary shit and I’m feeling pretty good about that

Hopefully I’ll have something to post tomorrow as I’ll definitely be posting a video of my travels, it’s just a matter of when. I hope all of you are having wonderful weekends!

(Yeah, I sat here for two minutes trying to think of cool, relevant q’s to ask you but I’m dead so whatever. We’ll talk soon, don’t worry.)

  • This is an interesting post, i hope you had a good time ahead.

    • Sam

      Thank you; I did!

  • Rosy Ferry

    I’ve noticed they have really heavy doors in Prague too, I couldn’t get in places haha.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Sam

      Really? I stayed in Prague for a little bit too but I hadn’t noticed it haha

  • Oh it sounds like you’re having an awesome time! Crazy wind and strange rash aside, haha!

    Looking forward to the video of your travels and hope you’re continuing to enjoy your trip and having a great week.

    I just published my first eBook so I’m having a pretty good week! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      Congrats on publishing your first eBook!!

  • Please do a post on some travel packing hacks if you got any considering how you didn’t pack any unnecessary things for this trip! I always manage to pack things I never end up using. Also, I really hope you took some photos of all those cute guys, and that you are willing to share and post them here ;P I’m really excited to see a video of your travels! and hopefully your rash will heal soon. Maybe you can take it as an excuse to go shopping?

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Sam

      OMG YES will do! I tend to overpack (or even underpack) but I was really happy with what I brought on this trip. haha my friends say the same things about taking pics of guys and I wish I could but it’s so hard to take sneaky pics, so I couldn’t get any! Need to up my game lol