a dash of life updates and two cups of self development please

SO this is what happens when I end up taking random blogging breaks for EVER. Which, by the way, whoops. Totally dropped the ball on that one. Not that it’s any excuse, but I visited my mom the week after my last post dropped and was like, “oh I’m not going to forget to post, I have the whole month’s content planned out, everything’s in my Dropbox ready to go” and then BAM. Nothing happened. For weeks now.

BUT I’M BACK. And I’m posting this at midnight on a Friday (or is it Saturday now?) because screw the schedule I have (it was posting on Wednesday mornings btw). I was always unsure about whatever I posted and sometimes insecure about it and blah blah blah but I’m just going to post whatever I want. I know people are like “you’re supposed to have fun with blogging!” and I thought “I’m totally having fun with it I don’t need this kind of advice” and then I realized how I felt weird posting stuff, like I was afraid no one was going to like it and it wasn’t really fun at all because I felt so confined.

So while I’m planning on sticking with mostly beauty related stuff (guys I have to talk to you about this sudden lipstick obsession I’m having???) I’m also going to write some really short posts, some random life rants (like this one) and whatever else I feel like. Sometimes I forget that this is my space and I can do whatever I want with it.


This idea came to me in the shower (while I was shaving my legs and pondering how I got all these bruises) after reading the 8539th business email (I subscribe to a lot of newsletters I swear I’m a newsletter junkie). And also after thinking about when I told my friend I didn’t feel accomplished and I felt behind because I didn’t go to school, didn’t have some awesome barista job, or meet new people and she told me it was because I compare myself to all these other successful people (ok, so they’re mostly Instagrammers) who go out and do stuff.

What do business emails and Instagrammers have in common?

They both make me feel like I’m not doing enough. Like I’m not doing enough to be this amazing, well-rounded person who’s adventurous and healthy and business savvy. Which is funny, because I also always joke about staying at home all day.

And I know everyone talks about how you’re not supposed to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 5 but that mindset shift is still something I’m working on.

This idea snowballed into what I’m actually writing about – things I want to do for me**.

**No skills required. Just discipline. (Stop relying on motivation, it doesn’t seem to last for very long.)

Here it goes.


I’ve been wanting a fedora, for like, EVER. Not floppy. Black. Wide rim. No extra dazzling stuff. I’d finally found one that fit my descriptions EXACTLY for $15. And I knew that it was a good deal because every other hat I’d seen ran upwards of 25.

But you know what?

I didn’t get it.

And I’m not sure why but I have this terrible habit of waiting for things to happen, or waiting for the perfect moment, when I feel amazing about buying something. Surprisingly enough it never happens. The price went back up. And a month later, when I checked (because I bookmark everything) for the hat, they didn’t have it anymore.

Waiting for things is deadly. Because it’s not just the hat, it’s something that I didn’t even realize was creeping into everything I do.

Anything meaningful doesn’t just happen. Opportunities don’t just find themselves. I need to go out there and grab them.


This is something I struggle with. Not even just with clothes, but I notice that I like a lot of different layouts, themes, writing styles, pictures, and whenever I tried to draw inspiration from all these scattered elements it sucks. I never like it because it’s turned into something I don’t like and I’m not proud of, at all.

As much as I love social media, I really need to learn how to take a step back and focus on MY STUFF.

Any tips?


As I get further and further into this post, I’m realizing how I’m highlighting a lot of my bad traits but WHATEVER, gonna write where the music takes me.

Another horrific mindset I have is that there’s a shortcut to everything.

“Wow, I’m getting really nervous about this presentation? Better read all the articles I can on combating stress hoping one of them will have this magic cure so I never have to feel this way again.”

Some things require hard work. There’s going to be uncomfortable moments, moments where I don’t want to do things but I have to. And sometimes, there is no shortcut.


Recently I was going through my bookmarks to clean up my browser a little bit (I told you I bookmarked a lot of stuff) and I came across this blog post on 10 tips to create your own writing ritual.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I LOVE writing. But I’m really bad at practicing it, and since I haven’t had formal education on it in a while, my skills are fast going down the drain. That also means that whenever I try to write a blog post, it takes me an unnecessarily long time. So in the beginning of this post when she talks about cranking out this super awesome 40 minute speech in a WEEK, I was freaking HOOKED.

Lo and behold, the first step was to visualize this idea of your perfect writing ritual (sitting in a bubbly bath drinking wine?) and do that every time you write. The more glamorous, the better. It gives you something to look forward to.  

I was SO on board.

Whenever I think of writing some novel (which is def going to happen someday) I picture myself in my cozy bed, TV as white noise, low lighting, and something that doesn’t require my fingers to eat at my side. I live for comfort.


ANYWAYS, if this was scattered and hard to read, know that I wanted to feel the thrill of posting something that I didn’t think over and over in my head for more than a few hours. (And it’s not edited. So yes, I know this ended quite abruptly.)

Thoughts, questions, concerns? Love to hear them.  


  • Welcome back! I’ve been having a bit of a break myself, but mainly because of work being so busy and writing takes so long… I’m glad you actually have some ‘goals’ (lol) for yourself to work towards, at least you won’t feel so lost. I get you 10/10 on the being unaccomplished thing fully, because that’s how I feel on a routine basis. It’s very frustrating because you get into this cycle of self-pity and anger and comparing yourself with other /successful/ people and it’s always so hard to bring it back to reality and focus!

    I guess the one thing to take away is start small, which I’m still struggling with hey, it’s a start eh? Business emails *always* make me grumpy because they remind me of how I need to be doing something greater with my life. For example, I was reading a newsletter (unlike you I don’t subscribe to many LOL maybe you should recommend some to me) and it mentioned how a olympic medallist was working as a super successful lawyer (younger than me too!!) and I was like o m geeee. I GET YOU GUUUURLLL

    Cherie | sinonym

    • Sam

      Hey Cherie!! Haha good to be back. I’m sooo glad you know what I mean. I’ve talked about this with my friends and I know they know what I mean (man that’s weird to type out) but it’s refreshing to hear that it’s not just the people that I’m around that understand. AHHH, yes Olympians (who are v v awesome in their own respect) make me so saaaad. So accomplished! & I can’t believe there’s one out there that’s also a lawyer. stop. you can only be good at one thing. lol.

      OH, but you should def subscribe to The Middle Finger Project’s emails. They’re not depressing AT ALL, and are so refreshing and fun to read. (c’mon with that brand name how can they not be?) 😉

  • Sauniya

    I love that we are going to see more rants from you from now on, along with the beauty posts.
    I’ve been having a lil hard time myself organizing my blog because I have so many different interests and sometimes feel like people won’t really be bothered it it is not fashion or beauty,.. I’m still working on that. not to mean it in a bad way but it’s nice to see i’m not the only one.
    I know what you mean about waiting.. the right time to do things rarely ever come, we have to pick a time and make it the right time.
    What you say about having a writing ritual is very true.. something else I have to work on.
    This is a very honest fun written post. I enjoyed reading it.
    Glad to have you back Samantha 🙂
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    • Sam

      whoo! More rants it is 😉 Yeah, I know what you mean. I like to keep it mostly focused around one central (ish) theme, but I don’t want to make it the ONLY thing I talk about CONSTANTLY because I have other sides to share! Good luck with working on it, Sauniya 🙂 Hope you have an amazing day too!

  • Welcome back to blogging! 🙂 It’s nice to read a post from you again.

    I think wanting to attain perfection can definitely put us off of starting things, it’s a tricky habit to break. Comparing online can be so toxic to ourselves to but also so easy to do. I unfollow accounts that make me feel bad, ha! It’s more inspiring to me to have real, everyday people in my feed than perfectly photoshopped fakeness that’s so far removed from the truth. I did a social media fast one weekend too, and stayed away from all technology to help me see what’s really important in life 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      Thank you Mica! I’m super plugged into social media, esp IG and even when I’m with my friends, as soon as I get home I’m checking to see what I missed. It’s a terrible habit, haha. A fast is a really good idea though; I might try that out sometime!

  • Wildfire Charm

    This post was really good to read and hit home. I struggle with personal style too as I am a person with so many themes tbh and it’s very difficult to be consistent according to blogging world 101. I’m learning as I go as well and it’s been wonderful so far 🙂 x


    • Sam

      YES, you know exactly what I mean! But yeah, learning is all we can do, & it’s good that it’s working out so far 🙂

  • I love how positive this post is – it’s so easy to get down on yourself when setting ‘goals’, but you’ve kept it so light and it’s really nice to read.
    My personal style is basically just ‘oh this is clean and warm, I’ll put this on’, if I’m honest!

    francesca | francescasophia.co.uk xx

    • Sam

      Thanks Francesca! lol I’m EXACTLY the same way when it comes to clothes – it works great & is so so comfy, but I feel so scattered with it so I felt I should spice it up ;P

  • The biggest problem with most of us is we know we have to set a routine and we did but the biggest problem is getting it into action. I was the same, I love to ooo and ahhhh and in the end nothing gets done. I have my routine down to a T but it took me a long time to get here.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      I agree. I think right now it’s getting better for me since I have a project to do for someone else, which forces me to put deadlines in and therefore makes it somewhat easier to have a routine. I just need to work on it for when it’s just me!