Even though this is primarily a beauty blog, I wanted to share a few recent favorites of mine that were strictly non-beauty/skincare related because sharing is caring. Also, I love reading posts about the blogger and I thought this would be a productive type break 😀


The Lunar Chronicles is an AMAZING read if you like fairytales with a twist and enjoy reading about diverse characters. Seriously. Cinder, the main character and focus of the first book, is not only Asian (woo, shout out!) but also a cyborg after losing her hand and part of her leg in an accident when she was younger. It’s also a twist on the Cinderella fairytale, two stepsisters, evil stepmother, and really cute prince and all.

Each book in the series (four total) focus on a different fairytale and they each have their own main character but they all come together in one major plotline. Because of course there has to be an evil queen intent on dominating the world, right?


Guess who binge watched four seasons in about a week and a half?

I felt like I said that as though it was something to be proud of, but now I feel like it just shows how bored I’ve been. In my defense, episodes run only about 20 minutes, making it so easy to go through.  And I’ve been wanting to watch this cop sitcom for a while now; it’s a light, funny watch that goes perfect with my microwavable dinner. Yeah I eat like crap.


E a r t h R a d i o (yes, spaces included) is a nice, chill song to relax to and can easily be background noise or the music for your next lookbook 😉


Ever since I made it my goal to post on Instagram at least once a weekday, UNUM has been my go-to app for planning posts, pre-writing captions and writing out all my tags before I actually do the posting part.

I know Planoly has a free plan, but I don’t think it’s as inclusive as UNUM since you can’t connect as many accounts and there’s an upload limit of 30 pictures a month. That doesn’t seem that bad, but I really enjoy the freedom of uploading a lot and figuring out my feed – my disorganized, non-color coordinated feed – and 30 pics a month just doesn’t cut it, especially in comparison to UNUM’s 500 a month. Honestly, the free plan on UNUM has everything I need.


The brand is Forever21 but I actually got this piece on Depop from someone in Hawaii. It’s such a great basic to have, and I’m SO happy that I found it.

Based on the pins in my fashion board on Pinterest I’ve noticed that I’m gravitating towards layering cozy sweaters and long coats. While this blazer is just that – a blazer and therefore not exactly what I want – it’s a good start to building the wardrobe I want.

What are some things you’ve been loving lately?

  • You are too cute!! I need to download that UNUM app! sounds like a winner for me!


    • Sam

      Hehe thank you!

  • Nina

    That App sounds wonderful, need to check it out.
    Nina’s Style Blog

    • Sam

      Yes, it’s such a lifesaver!

  • Awesome favorites! Have a wonderful week! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    • Sam

      Thanks for reading, Cielo 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

  • I love UNUM – such a game changer in the world of instagram!! xx

    Frances Kayleigh | Beauty Travel Lifestyle

    • Sam

      YES. When I first found out about it I was so happy!

  • The UNUM app sounds interesting, I like to ‘plan’ my feed hehe so will have to check this out.

    Have a lovely week Sam 🙂

    • Sam

      It’s really great, and super easy to use! I hope you have a great week too, Hanh!

  • Yaaaah to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of my fave shows ever on TV! How hilarious were the undercover episodes?!

    • Sam

      omg Jake and his “frosted tips” LOL. This show is gooooldd!

  • Lovely read, did not know about UNUM, I only ever tried Planoly, but will try UNUM. Thanks for the review! Have a great week!

    • Sam

      UNUM is an amazing alternative to Planoly! Thanks for reading Yasmin, I hope you have an awesome week as well 🙂

  • Okay, Brooklyn Nine Nine, needs to be watched now. But, do you watch Jane the Virgin, if not, get on it girl. It’s beyond amazing, I binge watched 22 eps of season 1 in two days! Guilty haha! Have a great day 🙂


    • Sam

      Whaaaat, haha definitely need to start watching Jane the Virgin. I remember I watched the first two episodes or something when it first came out but I’ll have to get on it!

  • I’ve never heard of UNUM before but it sounds fab xx

    • Sam

      It’s a very cool app!

  • I really like Brooklyn Nine Nine! I’m waiting patiently on Baby Daddy coming back, it’s another 20 minute show that makes me laugh!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Sam

      I started Baby Daddy a while ago and I remember liking it but I haven’t watched it since – maybe I should!

  • I was actually about to start watching brooklyn nine nine because there was a crossover with new girl back in the fall. I’ll definitely consider watching it! I need more tv shows to start!
    This sounds like an awesome way to plan out IG posts! Currently I just use VSCO to get the theme and plan what I want to post, but I can’t plan out tags or captions. I’m trying to step up my IG game so thank you for the tip!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Sam

      you’re welcome! VSCO used to be my go-to, but I love that I can also move around posts in UNUM.

  • This was such an interesting read. I learnt a few things. 🙂


    • Sam

      I’m glad you did!