I love LUSH, & I was able to pick up a few new products last week! Read my first impressions on their products, including their new mouthwash tabs!

I have really gotten into LUSH lately. I got a few of their fresh face masks some time ago, but upon being super bored I ended up exploring their body section, which I had never done before, and that snowballed into what I picked up last week ( none of which happened to be body items 😂)


First up, we have a classic! I’ve heard about the Bubblegum lip scrub so much I wasn’t even aware they had other flavors, but when I saw Mint Julips I knew I had to have it. I might get Popcorn next (because who can resist popcorn) but I love the heavy smell of mint chocolate chip, which is what this is.

No matter how often I wear chapstick, my lips always seem to find a way to flake, or be dry and overall not cute… especially when lipstick is involved. I’m hoping a lip scrub will alleviate the problem, if not have it go away, which is why this was on my radar in the first place.

I was expecting it to feel rougher like sugar, but it was unexpectedly soft and enjoyable to use overall. Also tastes good! I could see for this being great on the go since you can just lick off the excess. I haven’t tried this out consistently enough to see results, but so far I love this.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried two of LUSH’s fresh face masks: BB Seaweed & Oatifix. And this one is not only WAY easier to apply on the face, but it’s not that messy to take off either. In places where the mask was more clumped, made for a good massage to get off. The scent reminds me of something like blueberry clay and I can’t decide whether it’s good or bad honestly.

The results it gave were surprising ( and I’ve only used this once so far!). It completely eradicated the redness on one cheek and significantly diminished it on the other, leaving a very soft, matte finish. Usually after masks, my face feels clean and looks a bit flushed, healthy, glowy sort of deal.

Catastrophe Cosmetic seemed almost whitening, and there was a definite matte finish. This is meant for blemished skin, and I can see it giving great results for that skin type.


When I saw that LUSH had toothpaste in the form of tabs, I had to try it. I thought these would be great for traveling too, which is another reason I wanted to get them. I got the flavor Boom! Which is an activated charcoal and chili blend, although on the website it markets a cola flavor. While you can smell the cola, and the taste has a hint of cola, I found I “tasted” more chili which you wouldn’t think you can taste but you can and it’s not great.

It doesn’t make your mouth feel as clean as you would using normal toothpaste, which is why I wouldn’t use them everyday. It could just be for this particular flavor of toothy tabs, with the activated charcoal. Toothpaste tabs in general will take some time to get used to, I think.

Charcoal is supposed to help whiten, so if you’re looking at whitening teeth, these are the ones to get. That’s definitely something I’m going to keep track of as I continue to use this.

A bit pricey for toothpaste, but if you don’t use it for traveling it would be good to use it twice a week to help whiten teeth. They also have a powder version (different flavors) that I convinced my friend to get!


One of their newer products, these are the perfect companion to the toothy tabs! Again, a tad pricey for what they are, though I have to admit, they are innovative. LUSH is very good at making new products in unconventional forms.

I love to use this after the toothy tabs, because this does make my mouth feel fresh and clean again. Creme de menthe in particular is very minty, so it helps with that. As an actual mouthwash, it hardly differs from others I’ve tried like Crest and Listerine, etc. Just the method of biting it and sipping water is different, so it’s not as easy / convenient.

Still, another good travel accessory—it’s a small package, and is perfect if you have limited access to water.

All in all, I really enjoyed what I got from LUSH!  

What’s your favorite product from LUSH? Do you have any recommendations for what I should try next?

  • Oh wow, I had no idea they have so many different types of products? I swear I’m the rare odd ones who don’t enjoy Lush as a brand. I find them to be overhyped and overpriced. 🙁

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      I totally know what you mean! I was initially put off by LUSH because I thought they were way more expensive than they were, so when I found out their masks were as cheap as $8-9 I just went for it, lol.

  • Diana Maria

    I’ve never heard of mouthwash tabs that sounds like such a great idea especially for travel! Don’t you just love their products? They’re amazing and once you get them you can’t stop haha. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

    • Sam

      The mouthwash tabs are brand new I think! But yeah, LUSH has some really interesting products, and I don’t think I’ve ever been really disappointed by anything!

  • Lush is way overpriced here so I never go in unless I have a special occasion for a bath (rare haha)! I’ve had a couple of their hair cremes / styling products but it doesn’t work that well with my very tangled hair so I gave it to my mumma. She likes it enough so I guess it wasn’t wasted. The only star product from Lush I like is their dry shampoo which I’ve been using for about a year now – I love that thang, AND it’s not liquid + very light to travel with!

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    • Sam

      My sisters and I give LUSH stuff to our mom too! I think we gave the dry shampoo to her as well, and she really liked it. Haven’t tried it for myself, but I have heard good things about it (along w/ the bumble & bumble pret a powder, which is similar I believe). I feel like it’d get messy though??

  • oKAY SORRY BUT I’M STILL SALTY THAT THEY DISCONTINUED YOU SNAP THE WHIP. I really wanted to try it and it was when they *just* discontinued it and wasn’t available in store or online anymore 🙁

    Ha, I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with blueberry scents. Sometimes they smell divine, sometimes… not so much. I can’t really tell either.

    You’re so right about the innovative products! I didn’t realize it until now, haha. Sometimes I find that their products are a little *too* innovative and I have to play around with it to find the best way to use it. But once I do, it’s usually a complete win for me!

    Becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      WHAT IS SNAP THE WHIP. I HAVE TO KNOW NOW. that totally sucks though! I know there were a few things I was looking for, but I’m pretty sure they discontinued them as well.

      Oh yeah, I wanted to try the shampoo bars or shower jellies, but then asked myself, “do you really want to try to figure out how to use this in the shower and take 3 hours?” LOL. but you’re right, once you figure out what works best, results can be pretty great!

      • It’s similar to Buffy except it had a blackberry scent! It was also black colored so it really stood out to me. I’ve wanted to try the shampoo bars for so long, ~80 washes seems promising for such a little bar! I’ve heard that you’re supposed to break off a little piece of shower jelly and massage it in a loofah – my sister got one once and she used it up so quickly because I think she was using it without one ;(

  • Oh wow the mouthwash tabs sound awesome! like you said, perfect for travel! 🙂

    The mask sounds really good too – I’ve heard so many good things about Lush masks, I really need to go give them a try one day 🙂

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      LUSH masks are great to try! Sometimes I forget about them though since I have to leave them in the fridge, haha

  • I have their bubblegum lip scrub and that’s one of my favourites! I haven’t tried many of their other products as I find the scents a bit much for me, but I do like the concept of the mouthwash tabs x

    Velvet Blush

    • Sam

      Yeahhh, the bubblegum lip scrub is what got me into checking out their lip scrubs!

  • I’ve only tried LUSH’ bath bombs, which I adore when I’m in the rare mood to draw a bath, but I’ve yet to try any of their other products though I do hear great things about the bubblegum lip scrub. Not a fan of the bubblegum scent, but mint chocolate chip I can work with! Also, that mask sounds amazing and something my skin could definitely use. Thanks for the reviews!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      I would love to try more of their bath bombs, but unfortunately have no bath, so that puts a bit of a kink in that plan, haha. but yes, the mint julips scrub is fast becoming a favorite of mine!