Earlier, I wrote a post about products you'd never find in my makeup collection. Now get ready for products you'll ALWAYS find in my makeup collection.
photo from Unsplash because ya girl doesn’t have any natural light for photos at the new place yet

A while ago I wrote a post on 5 Products You’ll Never Find in my Makeup Collection, and this is kind of like a second parter to that.

Let’s be real: I’m probably always going to be restocking on every item in my makeup collection, but these are the products I’m going to prioritize. The ones where if you gave me five minutes to pick out five items to make a full face, I’d choose these in a heartbeat.


About a year ago I went through a hot minute of wearing falsies every day. I loved the effect of how actually having lashes looked on me (you guys have probably heard from someone about the hardships of Asian eyelashes).

Ever since, I always stay stocked on Ardell lashes. I’ve found other styles that I like but they’re hella expensive and you usually only get one pair. Ardell has the most affordable and natural looking styles.

My favorites are the demi wispies though I’m planning to pick up their faux mink ones the next time I’m at Ulta.


Even though I started with normal lipstick, by the time I got into it and wanted to expand my collection both in brands and colors, liquid lipsticks were becoming a thing. And of course, why not jump on the bandwagon and see what all my favorite YouTubers were raving about?

So, for me, liquid lipsticks are like the OG lip product. Colourpop especially because who doesn’t love affordable lip products with an amazing color range?


I started out with pencil liner (and the legendary raccoon eyes because I didn’t know how to properly take off my makeup) but liquid liner quickly became my new favorite once I actually learned how to use it. Tip to my past self: no, don’t apply it exactly like you’ve applied pencil liner for the past two years of your life.

Lately, even though I’ve been going away from eyeliner in general, this is a product I will always have to fall back on.


Brows. Are. Life. If I could only have one product on my face, it would be ma brow pencil. Currently I’m actually using a pencil eyeliner from Avon because for some reason I found two brand spankin’ new ones in my collection, but don’t worry. I do have an actual brow pencil—Anastasia Brow Wiz has been sitting on my counter from Ulta’s half off sale that I’m excited to try out.

Although brow powder is the OG product for me (I still have the first one I started with over five years ago) using a pencil has become the main part of my brow routine. I mainly use powder as a last step touch up, making sure the shape is how I want it and to fill in what little I missed with the pencil.

What are products that will always be in your makeup collection?