It's easy to look at old pictures and cringe, but it's also nostalgic to realize how far you've come and to visually see how our makeup style has changed.

When I think about how I blog about beauty, it brings me back to the good ol’ days when I didn’t know how to take my makeup off properly and didn’t understand the difference between $4 mascara and $20 mascara. Granted, I was a lot younger then, but it’s cool to see how far I’ve come when we’re talking makeup.

Last week when I read this blog post from Amelia Says, it inspired me to do my own. Not only on how my makeup style has changed, but also how it’s continually evolving.

Thanks to being the youngest, I’ve worn makeup since elementary school. Up until high school it was perpetual raccoon eyes—whether or not I actually wore makeup. Even though I took off my eyeliner on most nights, due to not knowing how to properly wash it off, black was always visible, making me look a little witchy.

As I grew older, a few more elements were added to my makeup routine: powder foundation, heavy clumps of mascara, eyebrow pencil & powder (the only thing I’ve kept 🙌)

Looking back on my old pictures, part of me wants to laugh and the other, much more prevalent part, wants to cringe. LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER YOU COULD HAVE DONE, my brain says. DID YOU THINK THAT LINE WAS STRAIGHT?

I’ve come a long way since then.

I’ve practically converted to liquid everything—foundation, eyeliner, lipsticks.

Eyeliner is reserved for special occasions.

Lipsticks have become an obsession for me as opposed to something to STAY AWAY FROM.

Mascara is getting back in the game after a three year long break.

But even that is changing.

Now, I’m not even hugely concerned with my base, as I’m realizing there’s no real reason for full coverage and caking foundation on every nook and cranny of my face.

I’m getting into eyeshadows, slowly but surely. Warm tones, I’m comin’ at you.

When I go out it’s mainly my brows (which by nature, have changed styles, no longer the blocky angled things they were before), a little bit of concealer and mascara *GASP*

I want to add some color to my face in the form of blushes, which I avidly stayed away from. I didn’t see the point when my face was already prone to redness. Looking “flushed” was my normal.

Thoughts and opinions are always changing when it comes to what we put on our face, but sometimes it happens so gradually we don’t even realize it’s happening (at least, when you’re as oblivious as I am). It’s refreshing to look back to my early makeup days and what’s changed between then and now. And it makes me kind of excited to see how things will be different in the future.

How has your makeup style changed?

  • My makeup style hasn’t change hugely as I mainly used to go for a neutral look on a daily basis, but you should have seen me when there was a wedding, a lot of blue eyeshadow and red lipstick haha! Now, I’m starting to learn which lip colours suit me better, and I go in with mascara and cream eyeshadows when I want to make an effort. I definitely agree with you in that when we’re younger we sort of led to believe that you have to wear foundation, but honestly I get on fine with concealer, and I think you can really substitute full coverage foundation for skincare sometimes xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Sam

      Yes! I’m actually slowly pushing foundation out of my routine and bringing in better skincare items. I feel like I’m finally learning to prioritize and find what’s best for me as opposed to buying up every item I think I need for a full face of makeup.

  • I tend to be very natural and add dramatic styles if it calls for it. If I happen to be wanting a more dressy look I go for it. Otherwise, stick to some nice bold lipstick to get that beautiful drama effect without too much going on. Love your post so much 🙂

    • Sam

      Thank you, Heather! I’m definitely finding myself leaning towards more natural nowadays, but I do love me a nice, bold lip!

  • I used to wear colorful, rainbow-y eyeshadows as a teen. It was just my style! Now I’m more into neutrals especially because I am 27 and I would look crazy, but I do like to experiment with colorful stuff once in a while (like the UD Full Spectrum palette!) With mascara, I LOVED the Too Faced BTS but I did not like spending the $23. I’m so glad that L’Oreal created a dupe that gives just as much a full lash but without the clumps! And could you believe I never wore foundation or did my brows until a few years ago?! It’s fun to look back in old pics and see how far you’ve gone!


    • Sam

      OMG foundation was the very first thing I was into, which is funny because I never really needed it. I hear ALL the time that the L’Oreal is actually better than the Too Faced BTS, which is awesome because mine is currently running out. Budget friendly dupes for the win!

  • Love this post! I had the constant raccoon eyes as a tween/teen because I wore a lot of eyeliner (thick ass black pencil eyeliner on top and the waterline LOL) and didn’t know how to properly take it off. It’s so crazy how much we learn as we get older. I’m excited to see how things will be different in the future as well!

    xx Nida

    • Sam

      Thanks, Nida! & YES, I feel the exact same way. Even though I like the way I wear my makeup, I know things are always changing. And I never would have expected to look the way I do now back then!

  • I started to properly wear makeup in 2013, previously I buy the cheapest thing and wore it because I needed to look ‘put-together’ for work. My approach to makeup is having the best skin that I can so most days if I’m not at work I only use concealer and zero foundation.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      I did the same thing – I was so into drugstore beauty, and I remember feeling like the differences between drugstore and high end were so minimal. Oh, how much I’ve grown…