It's that time of month again to talk about my May favorites - including beauty items, songs and even cities! Click through to check it out!
Original picture by Death To Stock (I just added the handwriting).

I was almost going to call this my May Hits & Misses but really there was only one disappointing product so I just went with the normal May favorites kind of post. May went by incredibly fast for me what with traveling and not really knowing what day of the week it is, but there were still a few standout products (and things in general) that I wanted to share.



I forgot how I got a sample of this, but I am so glad I did. It really is a ‘your skin but better’ finish while still giving you good coverage. It’s also extremely lightweight and I always forgot that I had it on. Not to say I really feel other foundations but usually as soon as I lean my head on my hand I am very aware that I’m wearing makeup and there is something on my face. Not the case with this. It reminded me a little of Glossier’s Skin Tint with the way it sunk into my skin (although not as liquid). It’s a thin layer that evens out your skin tone, covering any blemishes.

My only worry at first was the color—it did look tan/slightly orange-ish even (imagine my temporary horror) before I started spreading it out. Although Medium ended up being a good color match for me, I’d probably go a shade lighter to make it just right.  

I really want to try the CC Cream Illumination version, which is basically the same thing (with, unfortunately the same price tag) but supposedly more of a radiant effect.


I mentioned it before briefly, and I felt it had to be mentioned in the monthly (usually less than monthly) column of favorites. This was a huge lifesaver for my time in Eastern Europe, where the weather was considerably colder.

Cold weather + perpetually chapped lips = not fun.

BUT with this baby, that was never a problem. My lips were always soft and smooth which worked out because I did bring a few liquid lipsticks, so it created a good base.


Spotify is seriously making me get into all these songs from like, three years ago. I have a cult of new songs that I’ve been digging lately, but these two always make me turn up the volume.


This is such a cute, chill song that for me some reason gives me a serious case of beachy wanderlusting despite it having nothing to do with the lyrics.


If I ever made a playlist for a significant other, this song would definitely be on it. It just makes me happy whenever I listen to it!



The thing is, I hadn’t expected to like Poland as much as I did. I mean, first off, it’s one of those countries that you know nothing about unless you pay attention to it. Not a typical destination on the map for a vacation, but I have to say it’s somewhere to check out off the beaten path, especially if you’re a history buff.

Over the span of thirty years, they’ve practically rebuilt their city (without money from the EU) from the ruins it was after World War II. Not modern buildings either—but based on pictures and artwork they recreated the city how it looked before WWII, so even though it’s less than thirty years old, the buildings look so much older. The history really is fascinating and so cool to see in real life.    


I will be totally honest in saying that my expectations for Paris were low. Everyone talks about it and it’s supposed to be the epitome of chic and effortless and classy which to me had always sounded… overhyped.

But I’m really glad I got to experience the city for a few days because it completely changed my mind. I’m still not sure if it was the incredible weather we had compared to the cooler, rainier season in Eastern Europe and London, which painted the city in such a good light but it’s definitely a place I would like to spend more time in. Maybe it was the lifestyle or the architecture or that we actually got to take public transportation that made it more real to me as opposed to a place that you’re just visiting to visit.

Either way, I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

Are there any cities that you’ve unexpectedly loved/disappointed you? What are some of your May favorites?