After picking up some new goodies at Ulta and Target, I thought I'd share a few which I think will turn into cult favorites in the future!

Ulta be stepping up their game lately, but Target remains my one true love when it comes to shopping in the budget-friendly section for some new beauty finds (or more often than not, trying to find products that have been on my list for ages). After picking up a few items, I wanted to mention the ones I can see turning into cult favorites in the future!

Whamisa Green Tea Serum Toner

First of all, who else is mega excited that k-beauty brands are finding their way into Target? Like YES, finally, I don’t have to go online and pay for shipping if I don’t hit that $50 minimum.

Whamisa themselves have been a brand that’s been on my radar, but being a bit on the expensive side, I try not to put them on the list as I have so many other products in my price range that I also want to try. However, I could not resist when Glow Recipe collaborated with Whamisa to make a 4 step routine “powered” by green tea, featuring a foaming cleansing gel, the serum toner, an oil-free moisturizer and clay mask. I picked up one of the steps that most called out to me—the Serum Toner!

This lightweight, skin–soothing hybrid toner and serum all-in-one instantly floods skin with intense hydration, while imparting antioxidants to treat and refine troubled skin. With the watery, yet bouncy texture of a toner and the treatment of a serum, the aptly named Serum Toner is the next 7 Skin Method go-to, as it applies refreshingly light yet leaves skin instantly quenched.

It is a watery consistency, although for some reason I found I did not like applying it to my face with a cotton pad. I felt like I had to use way more product since it sunk into the pad quickly. I much prefer patting this into my face with my hands. It leaves a slightly sticky / tacky feeling on the face a few moments before it totally sinks in, leaving plump looking skin behind. According to the box, it’s “formulated with green tea to calm and balance, broccoli extract to bright and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate” and is also free of parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oils and artificial fragrances.

I’m not a fan of the scent (reminds me of plants, and not in a good way) which seems quite strong at first, but goes away fairly quickly. However, I’m more interested in the results of this and how well it hydrates the skin, so I’m excited to keep using this more. This is 4.4 oz / 130 ml for $22.

Rimmel Provocalips in Heartbreaker

My first foray into Rimmel! I know, what took me so long? I told myself to stop looking at lipsticks as often as I do, because I have way too many that I’ve only used once or twice. Still, when Into the Gloss mentioned this as one of the ones that passed their Big Mac test, I HAD to get this baby. I am always eating so to find a lipstick or gloss that doesn’t smudge or smear is a BIG DEAL. Plus, just the idea of having a two in one product is always handy. I mean, glosses are making their comeback!

The color is perfect for everyday wear, and it glides really smoothly on. Once it’s on, you have to work a bit fast with it, because once it dries down, it’s stuck. Great for eating, not so great for mistakes. The formula feels slightly drying on its own, but once you add the gloss on it feels like nothing on the lips.

While the color was completely transfer proof, the gloss does move around a bit, which isn’t that much of a surprise. You may have to reapply during the day if you want to keep the glossy finish, but it won’t move the color underneath. And of course it’s clear, so even if it does move, it won’t move the color underneath.

It does have a light smell which I can’t place, and though it isn’t the most pleasant, it’s not very strong and doesn’t last on the lips either. Also, since both of the brushes are attached to the middle, I’m hesitant to store standing on one side or the other in case it turns into a mess.

Overall, this is a great drugstore option for transfer proof lips, although interestingly, there’s 1 ml more of the color than there is of the gloss.

Benefit Ka-Brow in Medium

You’ve probably heard about this one the most, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

A big reason I really like this is how the brush and product come together, instead of having to pay another hefty fee for a brush. As much as I’ve tried, I cannot find an ultra thin, drugstore, angled brush that doesn’t crap out on me in a few months. And although I haven’t tried this one out for that long, I have a more positive outlook for this one. It’s thin enough for hair-like strokes, and I don’t find the handle too small.

Waterproof isn’t something I look for in a brow product since thankfully I’ve never had a problem with product not staying all day or running down my face, it’s nice to see this product has both a 24 hour and waterproof properties.

Besides the odd shape, I can imagine this all in one product being pretty travel friendly!

Are there any new purchases that are taking you by storm? Or have you tried any of these products? Share with me in the comments below!

  • unfortunately k-beauty in american retailers gets their price bumped up a lot vs korea-based online retailers 🙁 i’m the same with some toners – i’ve heard that it’s supposed to “sweep” away impurities or residual dirt or whatever with a cotton pad, but sometimes I feel like it works better by just patting in with my fingers.

    i’m not much of a rimmel person either – or drugstore in general, except maybe nyx and my favorite mascara is from maybelline.

    i haven’t really bought any new beauty products lately, unless that stupid $8 floss that I love so much counts LOL but I am looking forward to a package from h&m that contains this gorgeoussss mustard cropped sweater~

    becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      TRUE. but as much as I love shopping online for the better prices, and deals, and generally not having to leave the house, I can get impatient when I see something I need (read: want) at target, haha.

      oohhhh, I haven’t shopping at h&m in forever! I sometimes go through their site, but the stuff I want is never in stock in my size 🙁 still, getting packages and clothes is exciting!

  • I’m a huge fan of green tea as a skincare ingredient so I’m definitely intrigued by this new Whamisa line. I gotta agree with Becky though, it’s crazy how much the US retailers markup the products, but on the other hand it’s nice being able to just buy the products in store without waiting 4 weeks for delivery!

    My latest obsession is the Glossier Boy Brow. As someone with very sparse brows but struggle with using a brow pencil, this product was Godsent!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      I hear nothing but good things about the Boy Brow, but I wonder if it’s really a product for me BECAUSE I have super sparse brows (& I’m still working on my Essence Make Me Brow.) I’m glad that it’s working out for you though!

  • Oh I like the idea of the Rimmel colour and gloss – I almost never get a chance to reapply lipstick when I’m out with the boys so having something that has sticking power is good! I can often make a mess though when applying as I’m in a hurry, so it might not be the best….would be good to try though!

    Hope you have had a good weekend! I’m currently enjoying the long weekend as it’s a public holiday today in Brisbane 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      How nice! Hope the weekend was fun for you 🙂

  • That toner sounds amazing. I’ve been on the lookout for a great toner and I need to try it.

    xo | Cindy Elena

    • Sam

      Yeah, I love the two in one function!

  • I really want to try the Benefit Ka-Brow!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    • Sam

      I’ve really been liking it so far! I can see why the hype is real with this product haha

  • Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog.

    Lesley Kim

  • Love the design on your blog, gal! I’ve heard good things about Ka Brow but the packaging looks a little annoying to me, and I’ve still got 3/4 of a jar of ABH Dipbrow. It lasts forever!

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

    • Sam

      Thank youu! I actually don’t mind the packaging myself, though I do notice that I can’t have messy hands when I pull the brush out because my hand always slips; either that, or I’m supremely weak, lol.