We all have products in our stash that start out with high hopes, only to drop as we tried it out. Check out to see products I'm not planning to repurchase.

We all have those products in our stash that we started out with high hopes, only for them to be dashed as we actually tried and tested it out.

It’s unfortunate, but true. So here are a few items that I’ve tried and am not planning to repurchase.


Technically, I only have a sample of this and thankfully not the full version.

The biggest thing that puts me off is the intense floral smell, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so strong. Also, you have to be careful around your eyes because it does sting a little bit, which I don’t like.

Overall it works as a cleansing oil, but there’s not much else I like about this product.


This was actually one of my first cleansers I’ve ever tried! I liked it, but then again I was unsure about what it was supposed to do for me. I actually thought the tightening feeling afterwards was not only normal, but good.

Obviously it’s not, especially for drier skin types.

As it is, it’s too stripping on my dry skin and while I’ll finish it up because I hate throwing away half used products (the meanwhile slapping some moisturizer on my face right afterwards), there’s no way I’m repurchasing this baby.


It’s not that I don’t like this product, but I don’t like it enough to spend $25 on it.

It’s too light for my dry skin as a suitable moisturizer, and as a primer doesn’t particularly impress me. This is one of those items where I don’t mind using it and finishing up what I have left, but I’m probably not going to pick up again.


Granted, the biggest reason this is not a repurchase item is because of the color match.

I have Honey, which I’ve found is at that borderline where it looks fine at first but two hours later when you’re checking your makeup in your car mirror you’re wondering how the hell someone let you out of the house like that.

Another thing I’m noticing more and more how cakey it looks on my skin, particularly under my eyes. Even though I liked this concealer at first, it’s turning into “just finish it up and be done with it”.


This, along with the Coconut Oil Shine Hair Oil are products that just aren’t for me. They’re great if you need to smooth your hair, flyaways, frizz etc but completely useless to me since I don’t have any of those problems to the degree where I need to use a product.

I got the argan oil one thinking it would help my damaged hair a little bit, but nothing.

And, honestly, I haven’t found a single difference between the two except for the scent.

Are there any products in your stash that just didn’t work for you, and you’re not planning to repurchase?

  • I think most of the shampoos I’ve tried so far, including a few SLS free ones like Palmer’s, haven’t worked for me, so I’m sticking to the hairdressers recommendation. I can’t remember anything else at the top of my head! x

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