OOTD | feelin’ vintage ft. firmoo

OOTD | feelin' vintage ft. Firmoo sunglasses, the new accessory I've been wearing non-stop.

Hello everyone! This is going to be a pretty short post (and a fashion one at that, whaaat), but I wanted to show off these sunglasses* from Firmoo that I got and are quickly becoming one of my favorite accessories, along with my Anne Klein watch. Now normally I don’t wear sunglasses, but the sun is out and I’m squinting a lot harder than I should be when I drive.

Whiiiiich is why when I got these about 4 or so days after I ordered them, I was so excited to try them out – they are the nicest sunglasses I’ve had in years, so even though I think they look a little bit big on my face, I still really like them and they match with everything. TWO BONUSES: surprisingly I can still see my phone screen really well with them on, and new customers get 15% off. On top of that, their glasses and sunglasses are all decently priced ($19-$40), good quality, and I got them quite fast, so I would definitely repurchase.

But basically the whole point is that I wanted to show you these glasses, paired with a little ootd thanks to this video right hurrr. And not that I post a lot of pictures of myself on here, but can we all appreciate the fact that my hair is NOT ORANGE anymore?! Yes, it is slightly more damaged than before but it looks a lot better now (oxymoron?).

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of me in my backyard trying to look all model-like haha.

OOTD | feelin' vintage ft. Firmoo sunglasses, the new accessory I've been wearing non-stop.

OOTD | feelin' vintage ft. Firmoo sunglasses, the new accessory I've been wearing non-stop.

OOTD | feelin' vintage ft. Firmoo sunglasses, the new accessory I've been wearing non-stop.

Tank: Brandy Melville | Sweater: Shop Markkit | Watch: Anne Klein | Flannel: Forever 21 | Jeans: Forever 21 | The shoes were a gift, so I’m not sure.

What’s your favorite accessory?


* I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.


  • Cherie

    You’re such a beb <3 love the plaid shirt pairing – Claire is defs one stylish woman to take inspiration from, and her tattoos are pretty sweet. I love the daring sunglasses too, but I probably won't suit it very much (hah!) as my face is already super tiny, just imagine a tiny beaming blue face hovering in a crowd! Love your outfit though!


    • Samantha Gong

      Aw, thanks Cherie! Yesss, I love Claire and she’s so stylish! Her tattoos ARE pretty sweet, and I’d love to get some too but I’m too much of a chicken haha. And actually the blue isn’t so bad – at first I wasn’t a huge fan of it either but you kinda get used to it. I do see what you mean though, I have a smaller face as well, but I think all sunglasses are going to look big on me haha. Thanks for the compliment, Cherie 🙂

  • Angelina

    You definitely look like a model here! I love the mirror and bar details, they really make your sunglasses stand out. I love mirrored sunnies especially because no one can tell where I’m looking!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Samantha Gong

      Haha thanks! 🙂 I agree, that’s what I really like about mirrored sunglasses, no matter how hard someone’s looking they can’t see your eyes! And actually the bar in between was a big reason why I chose these, I really like that style and this was a perfect chance for me to get it! Thank you so much for commenting, Angelina 🙂

  • I LOVE these sunglasses and they definitely look amazing on you, I don’t think they’re too big!!!

    • Samantha Gong

      Thank you! It’s a huge compliment to hear that they look good, since I don’t usually wear sunglasses too often. Thanks for your comment, Carol 🙂

  • Nice casual outfit, and your sunglasses look really cool! 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Samantha Gong

      Thanks Mica!

  • Gabrielle

    No way they don’t look at all big on your face – they look super glamorous, perfect! The blue lens tint is really cool too 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    • Samantha Gong

      Ooh yay, good to know they don’t look too big! Thank you so much, Gabrielle 🙂

  • Love the sunnies!
    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

    • Samantha Gong

      Thanks, Dora!

  • Kay

    You look so fashionable here, darling, straight outta Vogue! 😀 x Loving the sunglasses, although where I live I wouldn’t have much use for sunnies anyways… Since here in the UK we haven’t seen the sun for months now. 😛 <3 Really loving the whole outfit, hun, and your hair looks sooo gorgeous! 🙂 I honestly think that it looks really healthy and not damaged at all! x x


    • Samantha Gong

      Haha thanks Kay! Actually the only reason I’m even thinking about sunglasses is that it’s starting to get quite warm – I’m wearing shorts and a tank right now! But we’ll see how long that lasts; the weather is pretty finicky here. And yay, at least my hair doesn’t LOOK damaged lol. Thank you for dropping by as always 😀

  • Love your sunnies, and those boots are amazing! Lovely look 🙂
    xo Kiki

    • Samantha Gong

      The boots are really comfortable too, even as I’m wearing them out more! Thanks for the compliment Kiki 🙂

  • Love these sunglasses! You look gorgeous! have a great day!


    • Samantha Gong

      Thank you Danielle! I hope you have a great day as well 🙂

  • Alice

    Gorgeous outfit! Love your plaid shirt!

    • Samantha Gong

      Thanks Alice! I actually got it in the men’s section haha.

  • Velvet Blush

    I think your hair looks amazing! Your pictures are lovely too and the sunglasses suit you so well. My favourite accessories are more in the way of jewellery 🙂

    Velvet Blush

    • Samantha Gong

      Aw thank you! Yes I’m starting to like rings more and more as an accessory, although I’m planning on a few more ear piercings too so hah. Thanks for commenting 🙂