Pistaché Skincare Exfoliating Clay Cleanser Review

Cleansing is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine, so it pays to have a good cleanser to make sure your skin is clean. Read my review of Pistache Skincare's Exfoliating Clay Cleanser to see if this one is right for you!

There was a time when I didn’t understand what cleansing really was, and what made “cleansers” different from “makeup removers”. I honestly can’t even remember what I used to take my makeup off – I’m guessing a combination of soap and water, which is probably why my skin was never smooth or bright, and I had perpetual raccoon eyes.

Fast forward one and half years later (yup, it was only about one year ago I wasn’t taking my makeup off properly) and not only have I completely revolutionized the way I clean and take care of my skin, I am religious about double cleansing in particular, especially with makeup.

You might remember my positive review of Pistaché Skincare’s Whipped Pistachio Body Butter, and I’m going to make a somewhat part two by talking about their Exfoliating Clay Cleanser with Glycolic Acid, which comes out a fun, light green color.

It’s described as a clay-to-foam cleanser, though I didn’t find it foamed very much at all. This is actually a pleasant surprised, because when I first saw “clay” I was weary because I have drier skin, meaning I tend to stay away from those. It’s probably my only issue with the product, because my skin, while clean, does feel a bit tight and dry after using. It does take some time though, so if you’re someone who does their whole skincare system at once, it may not even be noticeable. I only realized when I was traveling, so I ditched everything except my two travel cleansers and a basic moisturizer.

Besides that, my favorite thing about this clay cleanser is the little granules in it. It’s not exactly unique, but rather effective. I find it best when taking off the extra mascara gunk / flakes that are left over from my oil cleanser. Some other cleansers I’ve used I noticed aren’t as effective at removing that. The granules are small and extremely gentle, so I don’t worry about any damage. In fact, for the rest of my skin – particularly my cheeks – I found it left them feeling soft and smooth.

Fun fact: it can also be used as a quick, exfoliating mask. It’s nice, but I much prefer it as a second cleanser.

Not so fun fact: it has a pump nozzle, which I would normally like. However, if you leave this one sitting for a while without using it, it makes the pump difficult to use. The product will gunk up the opening and it requires a bit of strength to get it pumping out product again. Used on a regular basis, you should have no trouble.

All in all, this is a great option, though probably something more suited for oilier skin types. However, as my first time trying an exfoliating cleanser and finding how much I liked that it helped my mascara removal, I will be looking into creamier, exfoliating cleansers.

What’s your favorite cleanser as of late?