#THOUGHTPOST | Plastic Surgery

What do you think about plastic surgery?
Just wanted to point out (just in case) that the picture is not me, it’s from Death to Stock.

Plastic surgery.

I know that this can be a controversial topic and there are many sides to it, but I wanted to keep this simple and short and mention my perspective behind it, as it was a big reason I started this blog in the first place.

Plastic surgery always been an option for me, and I could never understand the vehement negativity against it. Granted, I understand the theory behind being “natural” or the idea that you have what you have for a reason or religion or whatever.

In fact, one of the reasons I wrote up this post is because I was re-watching a really old Bones episode where the main character talked about how she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to change their face, to change their uniqueness. (Let’s skip over the fact that the main character is attractive, knows it, and knows other people thinks she is attractive.) In my opinion, it’s not that simple.

For example, I’ve had something called a venous malformation right between my nose and my cheek. It’s puffy, noticeable at first glance (especially because I already have a small nose), and with coloring identical to a bruise. I can’t tell you how many people have come up and ask me if I’m alright or if I’ve gotten into a fight. Up until my teenage years neither my family nor I knew what it was, and doctors were absolutely no help. If it didn’t hurt, they couldn’t do anything, and many of them were hesitant to touch my face at a young age. The older I got and the more it grew, the idea of plastic surgery to “fix my face” and “make my face normal” crossed my mind so many times.

Although now I know that plastic surgery couldn’t have fixed it (instead, another surgery was implemented and the prob is a-okay as best as possible) it’s still a lingering thought in my head. I’ve never considered it “wrong” or said I’d never do it. Not because “never” is a such an absolute word choice, it’s that someday when I am older, for whatever reason, I might want that option and getting it wouldn’t be “out of character” for me.

Obviously other people haven’t grown up the way I have, and I’m relatively sure if I asked my friends (which I am the next time we see each other because this got my wheels turning) about whether they would actually do it, I’d get a resounding “no.”

However, I’m curious: what are your thoughts on plastic surgery?