Inspired by 5 Things You'll Never Find in my Closet, this brings to light some products that you won't find in my makeup collection!


I do not mean this to be a negative post at all. I realized it might come across that way when I was putting it in my calendar, so I wanted to make it clear. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of “5 Things You’ll Never Find in my Closet” posts (and yes, maybe I am completely revamping my wardrobe now) which is why I bring you – 5 things you’ll never find in my makeup collection.


I was actually debating about whether or not this would go in my list, because while it was my first instinct (seriously, I am SUCH a drugstore baby) I do know that I eventually want to branch out and grab some quality stuff. However, I don’t ever see myself spending over $50 on a foundation or a lipstick. I’m still having trouble spending over $20 on either, let’s be real. And I can’t completely discount drugstore – you can get some great value products.  

Side note: I literally just realized that the foundation I’m using right now is a few shades darker than my actual skin tone, so giving myself four chins isn’t really in the cards right now unless you want to be freaked out over the color difference between my face and my neck. I’m also relatively sure my other foundation is similarly dark. hahathisissogreat.


Maybe it’s because I don’t quite get baking???

And I don’t understand the difference between this and normal setting powder???

I feel like as a beauty blogger I should know this stuff (or at least researched it) but I don’t use either so it doesn’t have a place in my beauty routine.


Since I’m always wearing lipstick (NYX’s Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard is my current fave) then a tinted chapstick isn’t needed. The only other time I’m wearing chapstick apart from prepping my lips for lipstick is before I go to sleep so my lips aren’t the frozen tundra when I wake up in the morning.


I say “dedicated” because I do use the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray as a setting spray, even if that’s not its main purpose.

I’m talking about products like the Urban Decay setting sprays, or NYX Matte Finish. I have dry skin and I’ve never had a problem with fading foundation and such; plus, I always wear a primer so I don’t worry about lasting power unless it really is terrible.

Quick Q: which do you prefer to keep your makeup in place, primer or setting spray?


When color correcting started becoming a thing, I admit that I was a sucker for all the products I saw (particularly the Urban Decay Color Correcting Concealers) and if I had the money I would have spent it all on those things. As it is, I’m glad I haven’t.

While I could probably benefit from using color correcting products, I’m too lazy to actually use them and I feel like I would be caking too many products on my face. Even going full coverage, I like to keep my face products as light as possible.

What are products that you’d never buy for your own makeup collection?