We all have products that get pushed back into the abyss, which we end up forgetting about. These are my recent beauty rediscoveries!

Fun fact about me: I love organizing my makeup storage. My closet, too. And if I were motivated enough to haul my books from the garage to my room, I’d have a blast arranging them on my bookshelf. And the beauty about rearranging objects is rediscovering old loves. Now that most of my makeup storage is situated in drawers, sometimes it’s hard to remember what I shoved in the recesses of my IKEA furniture, so since reorganizing my drawers and the compartments inside, I’ve found a few products I’ve fallen in love with all over again.

bareMinerals The Magic Act Eye & Cheek Palette

Part of me loves this palette purely for the all-in-one aspect of having six neutral eyeshadows and four cheek products including two blushes, a bronzer, and a highlight. It cleverly folds into itself which makes it handy to travel with. For a while, both me and my sister were using it—me for the eyeshadows and her for the cheek products. However, since I first organized my makeup storage, this ended up being pushed to the back, and I forgot how much I enjoyed using this palette.

Hoola Benefit Bronzer

The Hoola Benefit Bronzer was, I believe, my first foray into mid-range makeup. People were raving about it, and although I wasn’t into bronzing, I figured what better place to start than with a quality product? At first, I thought I wouldn’t get any other bronzer until I finished this one… hah. Once I figured out that bronzing was going to be part of my routine, in came more formulas to try, and as with anything, this fell by the wayside.

I’m very happy to start using it again; I’ve forgotten how good of a color match it is. And it’s powder, so blending is easier and faster than I’ve been doing with my creamier formulas.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick in 200

Although this was a fairly popular product and always seemed to be out of stock in stores, I don’t recall seeing too many people mentioning this beauty. It’s a creamy, subtle highlight that reminds me quite a bit of Glossier’s Haloscope in Quartz. So much so that I’m not tempted at all by Quartz (the other two colors are a different story).

You can layer another powder highlight on top to get a more prominent glow, though I tend to use it mainly on its own. The beauty of stick products is being able to apply right onto the face, so all I have to do is blend out the edges a bit with my fingers.

Almay Lip Gloss

The Almay lip gloss is hands down one of my favorite gloss formulas. Granted, now that gloss is making a comeback I’m sure there are bigger and better formulas coming out on the market, but this is the OG for me. I received this in a giveaway and didn’t give it too much thought because it was when I was into matte liquid lipsticks, but once I tried it, I understood. I think Almay is a brand that’s generally not mentioned a ton, but this truly is an underrated product.

The color I have, 600, would normally too pink for me, but it’s quite sheer once applied on the lips. It’s not overly glossy, and definitely NOT tacky, which is the biggest factor with gloss for me. The lasting power isn’t the best, but then again that’s the usual for glosses.

Pixi Glow Tonic

I used this heavily during my time in Europe, being the only toner I took with me, yet since then this hasn’t been reached for all that often, which is a shame because I do like this product. I basically equate this with my Son & Park Beauty Water, as both have exfoliating properties that make my skin feel smoother (and less dry patches, which is important as fall is making itself known) with continued use.

There was a little compartment in my drawer with all my minis for traveling and whatnot, but since I don’t want to leave half-used products in there, I really wanted to put this back into my skin rotation.

What are some products you’ve pushed back, and are coming back into your routine?

  • I’ve heard so many good things about Pixi, I really need to check it out! 🙂

    I really don’t have that many beauty products, I tend to have one of each thing I use and I don’t use a lot so there’s not much there, haha! Clothes are a completely different story, I’m always finding old favourite when I reorganise, just like you’ve done here with your beauty products.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Sam

      I wish I was that minimalistic with my makeup! my philosophy is that I’ve gotta try everything before figuring out what to streamline. Hope you’ve had a great weekend too, Mica!

    • Sam

      I can see why it’s a cult favorite, that’s for sure! thanks for reading 🙂

  • Love your quote “And the beauty about rearranging objects is rediscovering old loves.” Totally true!!

    • Sam

      thank you!

  • ….heh i have to reorganize my closet so badly. there’s junk in there that i haven’t worn for years. i reorganize my skincare drawer a lot though, just because it tends to get messy often anyway.

    hoola is so weird – it’s pretty orange on me despite everyone saying it’s cool toned, lol. i’m so happy glosses are making a comeback too. for the longest time it seemed to be matte liquid lipsticks all the darn time. and while they do make a nice statement, sometimes it’s just nice to see something on the opposite side of the spectrum.

    funnily enough, i’ve been using a lot of wash-off masks lately in lieu of my sheet masks. i used a sheet mask a few days ago and forgot how nice it is to just slap it on and not have to rinse it off afterwards.

    becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      I have to reorganize a lot too, but only because I keep changing my mind on how I want things haha. oh man, I haven’t worn a sheet mask in forever. I had a decent sized collection but I’d had some of them for a long time so I went a few weeks and went crazy with the sheet masks, so now I’m trying to build the empire again, lol.

  • I’ve never heard of any of these products but the Pixi Tonic sounds really promising. And just like you, I actually enjoy reorganizing my closet as well!

    cabin twenty-four

    • Sam

      yeah! It’s so satisfying to me, moving things around and making space!

  • Oh these look so nice, I haven’t tried any except the hoola benefit bronzer, which has become a staple in my collection. Will definitely have a look into the master strobing stick, i was looking for a new toner as well but so sad they don’t sell pixi where I live!

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

    • Sam

      yes, definitely the maybelline strobing stick! I’m honestly surprised how little I hear about it.

  • I think Bare Minerals is such an under-rated brand, I love them! Never tried or really heard about their eyeshadows though so keen to try, thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Sam

      they really are! I have some of their makeup range, and I can’t think of one product that’s really disappointed me.

  • This post reminds me that I need to go through my beauty stash again to rediscover some of my old favorites! I did find one of my bareMinerals lip glosses a while back and have really been loving that. The Naked3 is another oldie that I rotated into my current makeup routine and have been enjoying as well 🙂

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      yeah, I got a few lip samples a while back and I’ve been loving the colors and finish!

  • I have been rediscovering old favourites again recently and mine has been NYX Angel Veil primer, Hourglass highlighter and that’s just to name a few. Sometimes it’s nice to rediscover products instead of chasing new releases all the time.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      true! I always have to remind myself that I have quite a bit of makeup already and to focus on using that instead of buying the latest and greatest (which is waaayy better on my wallet, anyways)

  • barbiegirl06

    Great post and products! I haven’t tryed any of these but I would love to! 🙂

  • Yiotou_La

    Pixi is a brand I haven’t tried yet and I am looking forward to receive the Look Fantastic November box, there is one Pixi product in it and it will be my first from this brand. I get excited and I can’t wait to receive it haha 🙂


    • Sam

      exciting! hope it works well with you!

  • that glow tonic is one of my favorite products. I’ve been using it for over a month now and my skin does glow haha
    The Color Palette

    • Sam

      I know, I can see why there’s so much hype over it!

  • Laura

    I have that bareminerals palette too and I love it! Great favorites x


    • Sam

      it’s so useful!

  • Great post and I love the design of your blog, very fun and stylish!

    Marije |

    • Sam

      thanks, Marije!

  • Great list up! Pixi Glow Tonic is a cult fav, can see it almost everywhere 🙂

    • Sam

      thanks! yeah, that’s kind of what made me want to get it!