I've curated a skincare wishlist not so focused on Korean skincare like my previous post, instead focusing on different and lesser known brands & products!

Not to toot my own horn, but I am KILLING IT right now when it comes to finishing up my skincare products, if you couldn’t tell by my first ever March Empties video that was up last week. As such, I’ve been scouring through Sephora and every single beauty website I can think of for new products to buy once I’ve used up my current products.

My usual makeup philosophy is drugstore drugstore drugstore, though lately I am wanting to invest more in my skincare items. So I’ve compiled a running list, and because that list is so long, there are only a few items that I’ve transferred here.

I am trying to not do cult favorites so I can expand my knowledge of brands and products! I’ve done a similar post like this in the past, though it was focused on Korean skincare—this one will be featuring brands from everywhere (or as ‘everywhere’ as possible).

I've curated a skincare wishlist not so focused on Korean skincare like my previous post, instead focusing on different and lesser known brands & products!


This is the second time I’ve seen a cleansing stick, the first being Neogen’s Green Tea Cleansing Stick. I found this particular one from Amy Vagabond’s Top 10 Korean Skincare video.

I’ve always wanted to try Su:m37 but since they do run the pricier side and since I’ve always been iffy on spending more when it comes to beauty, I haven’t seriously considered it before. However I found it on Amazon for $20 (as opposed to $28) so why not? Sanitarily it doesn’t seem like the best option, so I’m curious to see how well it would work!


One big thing I sometimes tend to overlook is whether the actual product I want is suitable for my skin type (dry) which is why I LOVE when websites allow you to search by skin concern—which is precisely what I did when I went to Sokoglam, my favorite source for Korean products. I came across this and couldn’t resist adding it to the list.

I’m not sure where I saw it (maybe it was even Sokoglam) but I remember reading about how white truffle oil was great for dry skin, which is what initially drew me to this product. Plus the stick packaging makes it convenient for traveling, or even just application in general.

However, the one review on it says there is no significant difference on her skin, and since oils aren’t a part of my routine, I’m inclined to not purchase this right away.

I've curated a skincare wishlist not so focused on Korean skincare like my previous post, instead focusing on different and lesser known brands & products!


Toner is a product I’ve been skipping lately in my skincare routine. I used to be a die hard fan of the Skinfood Peach Sake Toner ever since it was recommended to me by the salesperson, but after a while fell off the wagon. And now, I’m thinking of trying something else, like the Indie Lee CoQ-10 toner.

Indie Lee is a brand I’ve heard a lot about even if I haven’t checked out their full range of products.

I have to say, I mainly put this on my list because a) it’s ideal for dry skin types, b) I would love to try Indie Lee!, and c) it’s a pretty manageable price, especially considering the brand.

Why not, right?


The Cremorlab Mineral Essence is a popular Korean skincare favorite – and usually the option I see – but when I saw May Coop’s Raw Sauce in a video (that wasn’t even focused on skincare or beauty at all lol) I was curious!

The May Coop and Cremorlab are similar in price; May Coop being $43 and Cremorlab being $42. However when it comes to size and properties, they do have their differences. You do get quite a bit more product in the Cremorlab (270ml vs May Coop’s 150ml) but the Cremorlab’s seems to be ideal for normal, combo and oily skin types. I found May Coop on Sephora, and according to the description seems to be focused more hydrating and nourishing your skin. Not that the Cremorlab’s doesn’t, but it doesn’t seem to fit my skin type as much anyways, so I thought I’d try the May Coop instead.

I've curated a skincare wishlist not so focused on Korean skincare like my previous post, instead focusing on different and lesser known brands & products!


Finally, I’m on the verge of finishing up all. My. Masks. Whoa, guys. Feelin’ real accomplished. But it does have me searching for good quality face masks when I haven’t looked for face masks in a long time.

I’ve been debating between the Ocean Potion, which has moisturizing properties while reducing skin irritations, and The Godmother, which seems to do a little of everything—brightens, exfoliates, moisturizes… Ugh, can’t decide. If you have a tiebreaker, let me know!  

I've curated a skincare wishlist not so focused on Korean skincare like my previous post, instead focusing on different and lesser known brands & products!


Scrolling through The StellI found this beauty which intrigued me as I’ve never heard of this brand.

Also who even knows what face balm is. Although supposedly it’s good for dry skin because that’s how I found it!

This product is something I want to try (obviously, as I put it on this list) but currently is on the backburner because I think of this as a bonus step in my skincare routine, as opposed to something like a moisturizer, which I know I need (at least, I know I’m going to need soon).


Like the brand Ursa Major, I’ve never heard of Context before. I have to admit, the minimalistic packaging drew me in at first even if the price made me cringe a little. As I said, I am not used to spending on one product. Getting used to seeing numbers like $30 and $40 (or even $18 for mascara) feels like a double-edged sword, but one I know I’m going to have to get used to. Moisturizers in general are definitely not the cheapest skincare items.

I love that it has SPF in it; it’s finally starting to hit me to actually wear sunscreen all the time. Being an “intensive” moisturizer makes me think it’ll work well with my drier skin while still being categorized as “daily” as opposed to a thicker one that I only use twice a week on top of a “daily” or lighter moisturizer. I know some people don’t mind, but I prefer not to have like, four moisturizers open at once.

I’m so glad Revolve started selling it in their new beauty section, as The Stell (where I first found it) seems to have sold out!

Just letting you guys know, I won’t be posting next week (maybe even possibly the week after too, we’ll see) because I’m going on a family trip to EUROPE FOR THREE WEEKS. I’m so freaking excited. I am, however, planning on filming because y’know, memories, and also lowkey to practice vlogging skills. So I’m hoping to be putting up some videos while I’m gone!

What are some items on your skincare wishlist? Have you tried any of these products? (Because if so, let a girl know whatchu think about them 😉 )

  • Wow there are a lot of products on here that I haven’t of before but they all sound good. I love facial oils and I hope you find some that are suitable for your dry skin type 🙂 Congratulations on almost using up your face masks, that is a feat indeed 😉

    • Sam

      Haha, thank you!!

  • May Coop Raw sauce is in my list to purchase too! I’m trying to finish my current first essence first then it’ll be next for me to buy.

    • Sam

      Oh awesome! Since I’m sure you’ll end up getting it before I do, I look forward to your review (if you do choose to review it 🙂

  • The Indie Lee cleanser (pink bottle, forgot name) and that toner are both on my wishlist, and I also really want to try products from Aueralia. Ugh so many things to try and only one face 😭

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      This is EXACTLY how I feel; I want to try so many things!

  • asha

    SO many good products that were already on my Wishlist for so long ! Do you have a youtube then sorry?


    • Sam

      I know, I have a feeling some of these products will be on my list for a while! And yes, I do have a YouTube !

  • OMG SO JEALOUS!! YES please post vlogs of your trip to Europe! That sounds so amazing! Where will you be going??
    Also, I’ve heard of the wonders of the may coop raw sauce. A friend also recommended it to me, but the price makes me reconsider it. I definitely want to try it out soon though. Please do a review of it! I’m so curious to hear how you like it!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    • Sam

      I DEFINITELY WILL! I already have some ideas of when I’m going to post so hopefully I can stick to that 🙂 We’re starting out in Eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria) and then off to London for four days and Paris for three! I know, actually all the essences I want to try run in the $40 range at LEAST. *internally dying* when I get it I’ll definitely put up a review though!

  • Yiotou_La

    A trip to Europe for three weeks sounds like a dream!!! What countries are you visiting? Hope you have an amazing time!!


    • Sam

      Thank you so much Yiota! We’re going to be in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic as well as London and Paris!

  • I love discovering new brands! I really love Complex Beauty face masks. You can’t go wrong with either tbh. I love Ocean Potion so much, but I also love The Godmother so much haha it’s hard to choose! I also want to try the May Coop Raw Sauce and Ursa Major Face Balm!!

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • Sam

      Haha I guess I’ll have to get both masks! 😉

  • These products sound all great!



  • I have so many stupidly expensive things on my skincare wishlist (think Drunk Elephant, Tata Harper, Sarah Chapman) that this is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I can’t say I have heard about a single product mentioned here before! Great post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Sam

      Thank you Kiran 🙂 I totally know what you mean about expensive items (Drunk Elephant ESPECIALLY) so I’m glad you liked this!