Hey everybody! In CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, I’m going to be starting this new thing called Spotlight Series which is just an introduction to new, lesser known beauty or clothing brands that I find. I mostly end up stumbling across new brands, but since I haven’t actually ordered anything from them I’m not quite sure how to share it, but here it is.

Gravity LA, a business with a passion for changing the world and making a difference through innovation.

This first brand is one I came across when I went to the Asian American Expo a while ago. There was an event within the expo called The Silk Show that showcased street style clothing and brands, which is how I came across Gravity LA.

Their booth really stood out to me and my friend, probably because it was one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones – woody and down to earth compared to the stark black and white tones we were seeing everywhere else.

Originally I was caught by the shiny jewellry, but because it was crowded in that particular area, I moved over to the shirts and sweatshirts while my friend went to the socks (yes, socks, which for some reason I cannot find on their site).

Truthfully it was a little more pricey than I expected, but there’s a reason why.


The name itself “Gravity LA” is actually quite interesting to me, and although originally I had assumed it was just for the purpose of having a name, I found I was wrong.

Gravity LA, in its essence, is about changing the world. In their case, changing gravity.

People may be aware of the kind of desperation and poverty that lies in third world countries, but few of those people actually care to change it. Even fewer have the means to do so.

Gravity LA is creating their means. They are running a business to give, support and care for the world that is not as privileged as we are. They don’t set donation percentages just to say they’ve donated. They don’t want to help because they feel they’re supposed to.

That’s what I found so intriguing about them. They’re still a business, but a business that’s not obsessed with profits, profits, profits. Gravity LA actually wants to do something different, which is something we need a little bit more of.

So in their words, I urge you:

“Let’s change gravity.”


Apart from the fact that I was surprised they do sell men’s clothing as well (although I’m not sure why I’m surprised, after all, men wear clothes too), they are moving to create and sell in LA, so you can be self-assured about where exactly your clothes are being made (aka not in sweatshops in China or in support of child labor in third world countries).

Also, if you’re interested in getting something from them, they offer free shipping in the US and international shipping to these countries!


Gravity LA, a business with a passion for changing the world and making a difference through innovation.

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What do you think about Gravity LA?