It’s been awhile since I’ve actually written down what I’ve wanted to do with my blog without this pressing dread that “OMG I’ve written down now it must happen or I will d i e.” No one can ever say I don’t over-exaggerate. But that’s what it feels like sometimes. Even if you know no one is reading.

Yet ever since I set a goal for myself to upload at least once a week (and now twice a week with either a video or a blog post) and I’ve actually been doing it for longer than two weeks, I have to say I’m feeling pretty darn proud of myself.

I’d like to keep the momentum.

So even though it’s not the beginning of the year and I’ve been at this for way longer than you’d think considering I’m just putting down a schedule for myself now and sticking to it this time, here are my blogging goals – until the summer. Then we’ll have to revisit this post and see how optimistic I was.


I’ve been telling myself for how many months now that I should get a crackin’ on my YouTube channel and start producing content, no matter what it is. (Actually for the past two weeks, I’ve been doing pretty good with this one.)

I think I always have these grand ideas that I want to do, yet not only do I not have the means to complete these ideas, every time I attempt to do them I come up short. If it doesn’t come out how I envisioned, then it’s utter crap. So I’ve learned I have to start out simple. Just sitting in front of the camera and talking. Maybe add in a creative intro or something. But I’ve gotta start somewhere, so I can at least put the stuff I create online.


I am a victim of procrastination.

I am also a victim of over-preparation. I’ve either written posts the hour before I intend to upload them or so far into the past that whatever little anecdote I’ve thought of that inspired the post is long past relevant.

I feel like figuring out the balance is simple for a lot of people, but for some reason I struggle with it. Lately I think I’ve been doing a lot better since I’ve been utilizing Google Calendar and planning out specific days to draft specific blog posts, although my ultimate goal is to make the process run more smoothly and efficiently so I can put out more than one post a week.


Lately I’ve been trying to treat my blog as more of a personal beauty journal for my benefit rather than for others. Of course I’d like to talk and write about what other people are interested in reading because it’s always great when readers come in and say “wow, this is so COOL”, but ultimately this space is for me. I shouldn’t feel pressured to write only what I think other people might enjoy.

Not only do the ideas come more easily this way, but so do the actual posts. Photography is another beast I’ve gotta handle.


You know how everyone tells you to each their own? And how it applies to photography as well? You’ve got to figure out your own style…

This is absolutely something I want to figure out. I’ve already started getting more active on Instagram – a post a day makes the followers stay (lol, this is actually untrue my IG following is the most erratic thing ever) which is really good for learning what works, but I want to add a spin on my photos to make them more me. Again, this is certainly a work in progress.


Part of what makes blogging so fun is the community. I know this for a fact. I also know that when it comes to it, I really suck at it. I used to be great at finding new blogs, enjoying their content, commenting, stalking them relentlessly through social media… alas, those days have passed. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not new to it anymore and the urge has passed but it’s a goal of mine to be more active on social media and participate more.

Do you have any blogging goals for yourself?

  • Yiotou_La

    These are great goals! I want to be more social too but I don’t have the time to participate in forums and chats which is a shame since I love this community and I love to be an active member of it! x


    • Sam

      I hear ya! I tried looking up Twitter chats but because so many of them occur in Europe the time difference hits me at a really inconvenient time.

  • I want to be more active on IG but my all my posts got deleted 🙁 But once I get it back up and running, I’ll hopefully be on track. You got this girl xx

    • Sam

      Aw, that totally stinks! Hopefully you get it up and running soon. Thanks!

    • That’s awful! Did you at least still have your IG account? It’s a huge fear of mine that IG will arbitrarily delete my account (it has happened to at least one person I know), which is why I want to invest more in the blog, which belongs to me!

  • These are such healthy approaches to your online presence and I applaud you for that. I am over with the whole stress thing too…these days I write and post what and when I want, not because I am pressured to do so. And I’m starting to love blogging again.

    • Sam

      Thank you, Shireen! Treating this like a journal has absolutely helped me be more enthusiastic about posting. And good for you too, ain’t nobody got time for more stress in their lives!

  • Good luck with your goals, I like the idea of setting quarterly goals xx

    • Sam

      Thanks! I’ve found that I like quarterly as opposed to yearly goals; way easier to manage!

  • These are great goals! I definitely want to work harder on my Instagram.

    • Sam

      Thanks Katherine 🙂

  • Love these goals!! I definitely want to work more on my youtube & twitter as well 😀 and don’t worry I also procrastinate!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    • Sam

      Thank you, Sofia!

  • Awesome goals! It’s a great idea to write them out too it makes you feel more accountable. Be more social is also one of my goals

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

    • Sam

      Thanks, Lizzie! Good luck on your goals 🙂

  • laura anne

    I agree the space is for you (me).. I always tend to write blog posts I’d be interested in reading x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    • Sam

      Yes, that’s such a good rule of thumb to have!

  • Instagram is actually much easier for me than promoting my blog itself (I just followed you on IG by the way, I’m @gracefulfaceblog). I’m still figuring out how to get my blog involved in a community. Maybe because I can do Instagram on the go on my phone which is easier for me than sitting down at my desk?

    Camilla /

    • Sam

      Thanks for the follow Camilla, I followed back! I can see how IG is much easier than promoting a blog – hashtags ensure your picture is seen by potentially hundreds of people as opposed to a blog. Not that I’m an expert, but I found the best way to involve your blog in the community is posting meaningful comments on other blogs (showing that you’re actually interested in their content), connecting through them on social media if you like them, and kick start a conversation that way. Since you have to be pretty consistent, it takes way more time than IG; it’s worth it though!

      • I hear ya, and it’s one of my goals to do that! Not enough hours in the day lol! Thanks for the follow back, I’ll definitely be keeping your blog on my radar 😁.

  • You and I have VERY similar blog goals. I am trying to be more social on instagram, twitter, and other blogs, make content I’d want to read, consistently upload to my YouTube (it’s if you want to check it out), find my photography style & write timely posts. lol so basically, we’re the same person.

    Love your blog and I’m so happy I found it!

    xx, Corey |

  • You and I have VERY similar blog goals. I am trying to be more social on instagram, twitter, and other blogs, make content I’d want to read, consistently upload to my YouTube, find my photography style & write timely posts. lol so basically, we’re the same person.

    Love your blog and I’m so happy I found it!

    xx, Corey |

    • Sam

      WHAT THAT IS SO COOL! I hope all goes well with your goals, too!