Your Guide To Spring Cleaning

Guys, it’s April.

It’s officially time for spring cleaning.

April has come around and now it's time for spring cleaning, especially when it comes to our closets. Check out these tips for clearing out that wardrobe!


Time to store the winter clothes, throw out another year’s worth of styles that you never wore, organize what you already have, and make room for the spring and summer clothes (and for those shopping hauls).

So how, exactly, do we do that?


My closet’s usually a mess anyways, so I don’t take note of what went where or keeping everything folded. There’s no need. Once it’s all on my bed or the floor, I can easily see what I want to do with each item.


Once everything’s out, I make five total piles.

  • Definitely keeping
  • Definitely donating: Because you’re going to put this bag in the car and give it to someone else, putting all the clothes immediately into a large bag is a good idea.
  • Definitely toss: I literally have a huge trash bag ready to put all my clothes that I’m throwing away so that it’s ready for me to dump.
  • Definitely sell: If it still has the tags on it, you’ve only worn it once or twice, or it’s in good condition, I would highly recommend you sell it. There are apps like Depop or Wallapop that make it super easy and you can get a little something extra from your closet.
  • Everything you’re not sure about, goes in a separate pile. Now the trick of having “definitely so-and-so” piles, means that if you have even a sliver of doubt about what you should do with it, it needs to be in this pile. Obviously this is the biggest pile, but at least you’ve eliminated what you’re already keeping and what you’re not, so you don’t have to worry about those anymore.

Spring cleaning tip: be ruthless. There’s a reason you stare at your closet wondering what to wear for thirty minutes. No more.


Questions to ask yourself when determining what you want to do with a piece:

  • Is it flattering?
  • Do you feel comfortable wearing it?
  • Is it comfortable to wear? (A totally different question than the one right before)
  • Have you changed styles? (Whether you’re going towards a more minimalistic or boho wardrobe)
  • Is it a timeless piece?
  • Can I wear this in at least three different outfits? (or any number of your choosing)
  • Is this just taking up space?
  • Will I actually wear this on a regular basis?

A lot of clothes I used to have I kept because I couldn’t bear throwing them away for whatever reason. But remember that if they don’t fit you or you’ve never ever worn it, there’s no point in it being in your closet. Donating or selling them at least gives them another life (lol I know this is cheesy) for someone that will actually have use for them.


Now, if you haven’t worn something in the last six months, ten to one you’re not going to wear it. I know you’re probably thinking “Oh, but I might wear this, I never know…” No. It’s not going to happen. We’ve all been there, and this is me telling you that you’re never going to actually wear it. Don’t keep the clutter. But then comes the question: “Do I donate it or trash it?”

I only toss clothes if they truly are hopeless; for example, if it’s incredibly worn, has stains, holes or irreparable. Everything else goes in the donate pile because you never know how somebody might get some use out of it. 


Usually I have bathing suits, underwear, bras and socks stored in my drawers. Don’t forget about them – you probably have some single socks and old bras that you don’t need (or fit) anymore, so throw them out. There’s not a lot of anything that comes from here when I go through it, but it’s a good idea to keep it cleaned out so you know what you need to buy and you don’t run out because that’s the worst thing ever, especially when they’re undergarments.

And hey! Don’t forget about your guy – if he has stained/holey socks or underwear, that needs to go. Maybe even suggest he steps up his game by checking out some new men’s underwear. If you’re sharing closet or drawer space, old stuff can get in the way, and we can’t have that! Men’s fashion is pretty simple too (unless he’s very well-dressed all the time in which props to you because they are not easy to find, I’ll tell you that much) so it’s a relatively easy process to donate or toss worn shirts or old jeans that no longer fit. 


Once it comes back to putting everything in your closet, you have the chance to put everything back neatly and however you want. Because I know that in a week or two it’s going to go back to a mess, I try to put everything I normally wear (or want to start wearing) front and center. That way I’m more likely to remember and wear it.

Then I move into seasonal. Because I don’t use storage space for my clothes, all my jackets and heavy sweaters go towards the back, because I likely won’t wear them until the fall (unless you live somewhere where it’s cold all the time). Jeans and leggings are pushed towards the back of my shelves as well, so I can easily reach my shorts and skirts.

Aaaand that’s it! This process doesn’t take me more than a few hours, and honestly, my closet (and my room in general) feels so much cleaner. I also get a feel for what items I need (read: want) that my wardrobe is sorely lacking in, so when I buy things I’m not buying something I already have or something I know I just threw out because I never wore it. Plus, if you have a lot of items to sell, that could come in handy for you!

Do you have any tips for spring cleaning?



  • I’m pretty good with my wardrobe but my drawers are a completely different story! I’ve sat down and gone through my drawers and I usually come up with a pile of things that I don’t necessarily need anymore…but they all end up going back in because I can’t bare chucking them away, especially when a lot of things are still relatively new! Ahah but deep down I know that I won’t wear them ever again. Oh the irony!

    • I totally understand, I use to be the same way! Especially because I don’t see the amount of things in my drawers every day (as opposed to what’s hanging) so I don’t feel the need to empty them out haha. Since my move I’m pretty good about them though, I just have to remember that I need to go through them!

  • Sounds like you have a thorough assessment with your spring cleaning for your wardrobe. I’ve only recently done a bit slightly because I am travelling and need a few winter items like a scarf. I am going to have to do a proper purge soon. My favourite is putting things back, I often find pieces that I have not worn in a bit or pieces that I thought I donated. Great post. /Madison
    Sassy Palate Ventures

    • Thanks Madison! I think the fact that I moved relatively recently helped me with figuring out my closet. There was so much that I didn’t want to take with me so I ended up doing a huge overhaul. And I agree, I love reorganizing and putting things back as I often rediscover something I could wear more often!

  • There’s something about Spring and cleaning, I’ve been busy clearing out my wardrobe and makeup (again!). I’m happy though, it’s really good to have a much smaller collection but one that I know I will use.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Exactly! I should really do clean out my makeup soon; I find that I’m not as ruthless with my collection but I am sorely lacking in counter (and drawer) space…

  • I have done the cleaning & organizing the wardrobe recently… You have pointed out some interesting tips..Nice post !

    • Thank you, Rams! And that’s awesome, it’s good to keep things clean and organized 🙂

  • Great tips! I need to start doing some cleaning and organizing of my wardrobe/drawers. I recently cleaned up my makeup storage/collection and passed on a few things I wasn’t using. It actually felt great!

    • I’m so glad you liked them Ann-Marie! Yes, getting rid of things that aren’t being put to use feels amazing, and the space left behind is also a plus!

  • These are great tips! I tend to get to the ‘pull everything out’ stage and then get frustrated at the mess and just cram it all back in without getting rid of a lot of it, haha! I really need to re-organise my wardrobe again this year, we will see how things settle down post-baby first though 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Haha yeah there have definitely been times I’ve left my closet on the ground because I’ve gotten tired of sorting through it, but it’s worth it in the end!

  • I totally need to do this now and your list is inspiring me to finish my cleaning soon! I always empty everything but get frustrated half way and chuck half of it back 🙁

    • Yay I love that you find this inspiring! It’s can be hard doing it all in one go though, especially when you have a lot of clothes. There have been times where I’ve taken everything out, gotten tired, and just left it on my floor hah

  • Love this post for spring cleaning Sam! I think putting clothes into 5 piles would really help me. I usually only have 2 piles, a keep in a no-keep, and I struggled deciding a lot!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

    • Thank you Lily! Yeah I find 5 piles really helps specify what is going where so I don’t have to keep looking through the same things!

  • These are some great tips for Spring Cleaning! I personally love to ‘Spring’ clean every season so these can apply to me right now even though we are entering Autumn in Australia!


    Anjelique | snapchat: anjeliquetv

    • I’m glad you like these Anjelique! Oh, I totally didn’t realize that Australia is opposite US hah, but “spring” cleaning every season is a good idea!

  • Sorting through and deciding what to keep, donate etc is something I’m yet to get around to this season – thanks for the reminder! You’re right in saying you have the chance to reorganise everything once you’ve done a clean out, that’s the best part in my opinion! 🙂 Have a wonderful week…

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Plus, reorganizing when you have a lot less clothes is also much easier! I hope you have a wonderful week as well Gabrielle 🙂

  • I’m so terribly bad at spring cleaning. I just hate getting rid of clothing! Hopefully with your tips my cleaning can be more productive 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    • It always stinks to get rid of clothes, especially when they have sentimental value – I think that’s part I don’t like. But I like to think of it as making room for new pieces! I do hope these tips help you out, Mili 🙂

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    First of all, I’m totally loving the new profile pic on your blog, hun! You look so cute and smiley. :3 <3 x I honestly don't have many clothes, so I skipped wardrobe cleaning this year but I think these tips are fab and apply to more than just clothes… I have a huge makeup/perfume collection that I'd love to clear it, but there is just so much I'm totally overwhelmed! I got rid of/donated some stuff this year so it's looking a little better. 🙂 <3 x x Thanks for sharing, hun!


    • Haha thank you Kay! That’s awesome, I’d actually never really thought about donating stuff in my makeup collection… I’m actually reeeally bad about cleaning that up lol. I have way too much stuff but I always feel so bad about throwing it away, and I can’t really sell it since I’ve used it. You’re right though, (not to toot my own horn) but these tips are pretty versatile!