STARTING IN SUMMER: Lifestyle Changes

Hey everyone! Now that we’re into summer, some look at it as a new start (since obviously the New Year’s resolutions didn’t take) or a time to re-evaluate how your year is going. SO, to help you out, here are some lifestyle changes that you can start embracing this summer! This is a guest post from Zara Lewis, from the HighStyleLife.

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

Unapologetically strong, decisive, successful, gorgeous, self-absorbed even and definitely uncompromisingly sure of her worth; this girl will conquer the world with her attitude. She has both the knowledge and the bravery to make the changes she’s been needing to make for quite some time.

We know you are this girl. And we love it.

Why embrace changes during summer, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple.

There’s no time like summer to reorganize, decompress, question and fix all things that were failing throughout the year. Is it the sun, the sea salt, the tanned skin, the warmth on your skin or the endless stream of laughter filling even the emptiest of streets – we’ll never know. But what we do know is that this summer is going to be all about us, as it should.

Here’s what we believe may be the best things to let yourself do this upcoming hot season:


Clean and de-cluttered spaces have proven to subliminally bring about a sense of control and instill the feeling of calm. Too much of stuff scattered around is only messing with your brain; the cleaner the space, the cleaner the mind and consequently – a happier life. And that’s what you need, right?

Further, if you’ve got the budget, it wouldn’t harm to redecorate a bit – just to give yourself a sense of the new beginning, one that’s preparing you for a happy life.


Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr

This is the perfect time to say goodbye to all the energy vampires around you, wearing you thin. Not sure what we are talking about? You know those people who you have to mentally prepare for? Those same people you feel drained after having a conversation with or the same people you organize coffees with but you never “manage to make it”? Well, those are the people whose energies aren’t compatible with yours, and they are bringing a feeling of restlessness to your blissful mojo. The other kind you should end relationships with are people pretending to be your friends, those who are setting you up or even –who have managed to betray you on plenty an occasion. You don’t really have the reason to keep those relationships alive. Just as you will de-clutter your physical space of trash to let the good energy vibe in, so should you detox your life of bad people so that the good, worthy ones walk right in.


Sure, the sleep-8-hours rule, exfoliate, exercise and eat organic craze is on the rise and you’re probably riding that green wave from the get go, but are you really feeling it? Probably not.

Unfortunately, just like any other trend, this one may easily pass pretty soon and where will you be then? Back in the line at the nearest McDonalds hoping to get your ice-cream asap? Sleeping no more than three hours because you simply had to stay late at that party?  No way! Forget about all that and embrace health as your lifestyle of choice.

A big part of organizing your life is caring for your health, too – and going on a healthy diet rich in greens, citrus fruits, lean meats, oats, home-cooked meals is step one. Then, go for exercising regularly (sports like boxing, aerobic, Pilates and swimming are perfect), proper cosmetics and organic makeup, a lot of sleep that will help your whole body decompress and recharge, and meditation for the peace of mind.

If you live in the city, the sleep and meditation part may be a bit tricky; the noise, heavy air and pollution are terrible. But, if you invest in a good humidifier to clear the polluted air, add some moisture to it and to prevent dryness – you’ll sleep like a baby, and your meditation sessions will definitely be easier to accomplish (successful medication relies on clean breathing and peace of mind). Don’t forget to stay regular on your fitness sessions, too!

Image source: Flickr
Image source: Flickr


All the sass aside and that wonderful glow, you probably have some issues only you know exist. Truth is, all of us are prone to being way more judgmental to ourselves than others and that can be a pretty hefty burden on our shoulders. So, this summer, make it your business to have a few honest talks with yourself, see where you are in life, and what your future expectations are.

A wonderful idea is to make a list of all the things you love about yourself and those you don’t. Write down all of your achievements and goals (both small and big ones), and reflect on your future plans. After you are done, go through each and every one of the articles you’ve listed out, and allow yourself some self-reflection. You’ll soon realize how absolutely wonderful you are and learn to be your own wind of change. Additionally, all things you list out will offer you a perspective on the things you maybe didn’t even know bothered you or motivated you.

Follow the guidance of the amazing Jillian Michaels who advises: Examine your self-destructive behaviors and work on minimizing the negative self-talk. Oftentimes, journaling, positive affirmations, visualization, and other techniques can help improve your self-esteem and move you closer to your goals. … and start living differently.

Do you have any lifestyle changes (or goals) that you want to start up in the summer?