things i’ve been loving lately


This time instead of a favorites post, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a “things I’m loving right now” post as a lot of it doesn’t have anything to do with makeup or skincare, but things I wanted to share because


Apologies for the lateness of this post! I meant to have it up earlier but then I was travelling and I completely forgot >.< But onwards!


Somewhat similar to their ever popular song Closer featuring Halsey (which I also love and I was literally counting down the days for this song but that’s a whole other story) All We Know is pretty chill. Like one of those songs you imagine cruising down the freeway with friends in a music video… or something.


If you’re into young adult fiction fantasy books, this one is definitely for you. I read the first book in my senior year of high school, loved it, graduated, aaaaand never found it again. Then, I saw people mentioning it on Tumblr and was like, “hey, I remember really liking that book!” A good thing I waited until recently to read it because the last book (there are four) came out April of this year, so I could binge read to the end. *relieved sigh*

Instead of rehashing a thousand summaries to tell you what it’s about, here’s the first line of the first book:

“Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love.”

Now, there is romance in here but the friendship trope is a much more prevalent. There’s a lot of description and characterization, BUT ALSO a little bit of magic, which I love. If you ever do start reading this series, let me know! I’m re-reading the second book, my friend is somewhat through the first one, and I love talking about books with people. 

If you have any recommendations too, I’d love to hear them!


Okay so this is not something I’m on constantly or anything, in fact, sometimes I have to remind myself to utilize it! Basically I’m on here because there are some really great articles about creativity and productivity (NOT related to blogging, since that’s all I tend to see on my Bloglovin’ page) that I find helpful. Granted, some things are not going to be the best quality because the content is all user generated, but I find that more often than not I like the content.


This is one of those people where you think HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THEM BEFORE?

Although I try to be pretty versatile when it comes to what YouTubers I watch, when it comes to beauty and skincare or anything along those lines, I only regularly (& religiously) watch one or two. BUUUT, recently I stumbled across Aussie YouTuber Danielle Mansutti and I’m always intrigued when she uploads ( twice a week!) so there’s always fresh content waiting to be watched 🙂

Now she doesn’t only do beauty based videos (in fact she recently uploaded one about depression) but I really love her attitude and honesty, and it makes me want to continue watching her! But not in a creepy way.

What are some thing you’ve been loving lately?