A Thrifty Wishlist For Spring

Now that spring cleaning is out of the way, I have a thrifty wishlist to add some essential pieces back into your wardrobe!

Now that spring cleaning is out of the way it’s all about getting clothes back in that closet.

Just kidding.

But spring cleaning tends to bring out my shopping craving (which really doesn’t happen often because shopping can be very painful okay) because now I have a good idea of what I already have and what I need. And of course, I like to save money wherever I can, so I decided to make this short, thrifty wishlist!

Now that spring cleaning is out of the way, I have a thrifty wishlist to add some essential pieces back into your wardrobe!


I’ve been looking for a good bomber jacket, but this sports one works out pretty well too!


Anyone have Coachella on their minds? I’m not going, but that doesn’t stop me from eyeing pieces that I would definitely wear if I got the chance! I feel like the white one is something you’d see at Free People because it’s more boho, but the blue one is really cute for summertime as well! What I really like about these pieces is that even though I’d probably wear them to any music festival with the right vibes, you can also wear these more casually everyday, especially here in Southern California. Although it does get cooler in the winter months, for the most part we’re blue skies and sun.  


Lace up shirts or bodysuits or anything really with that detail in the front are such a huge thing nowadays. And I have to admit, I really wasn’t a fan of the style until recently just because I felt it was over-hyped almost considering that I didn’t really like the whole look of it. However, my opinion has changed. Not sure what tipped me over, but I’m really digging that trend! I don’t like when they’re toooo low because how am I supposed to wear that? But this one doesn’t look that low, plus I have the perfect skirt I think I can wear with it!


Casual tops are my comfort zone, and I couldn’t resist the cut out detailing at the top. Although I’m not sure whether I’m a huge fan of the fact that it’s longer in the back that in the front, there’s still a part of me that really wants this shirt. 


Something not in my comfort zone is this floral piece, just because I’m not sure how it would look on my body type but it’s so cute how can I not? Besides, now that we’re moving into springtime and slightly warmer weather (which is good because I’m tired of wearing sweaters allll the time) I do want to start wearing cute dresses and rompers because I feel like I stick to shorts and pants way too often!

And that’s about it! I’m slowly figuring out it’s not good to have a ton of things on your wishlist (but I do it all the time, especially for beauty/skincare related items) just because they tend to stay there. I want to actually purchase some things and get to updating my wardrobe!

What’s on your thrifty wishlist? Do any of these items catch your eye?