What's on my face lately... using travel size skincare. It's a great way to try new brands & products, so read through to see what I've been loving lately!

Since earlier this week I wrote about my current drugstore makeup favorites, I figured I’d finish out with talking about skincare this time—in particular, travel size skincare.  


This is one of those products that I didn’t like at first at all, but upon needing to finish it up, have decided to give it another run.

I think the reason why I didn’t like this initially, was that I expected this to take off my makeup, but this is really better working as a second or morning cleanse. Because I had taken this traveling with me, and tend to pare down my skincare to the absolute essentials, I didn’t have a suitable cleansing / makeup removing routine.

As such, now that I’m using this at home, I’ll switch between this and the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser for the morning. Sometimes I’ll even let it sit on my face for a bit like a mask before washing it off, and with its gentle exfoliating properties, my skin feels clean and fresh in the morning.

Plus, the travel size lasts a super long time!


If you want something that feels smooth and cooling when you put it on, please add this to your wishlist. I do like this as it makes my skin feel smooth and even a bit plump or supple, as the beauty bloggers say.

However, for the name “aqua bomb”, it doesn’t give as much hydration as I’d expect; then again this is meant for normal to oily skin types I believe. It does have a gel formulation, which means it’s not as rich and hydrating for drier skin types.

There is a slight scent to it that I can’t place, not that it’s good or bad, and doesn’t linger anyways.


At first I thought this would be closer to a moisturizer, what with the words “hydration” and “gel”, I assumed it would be somewhat similar to belif’s Aqua Bomb. But on the mini bottle it does say it’s for added hydration, and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, which I would totally agree with.

I don’t think it has enough hydration for a moisturizer (and doesn’t feel as soft or creamy as I’ve experienced with most of my moisturizers). This is great for added moisture, like if you have a stubborn dry patch on your chin and tends to peek through makeup, this is a cute little thing to carry around and add.

Unlike the Aqua Bomb, this feels slightly tacky on the skin for a few moments before it’s fully absorbed into the skin, and has no discernable scent.

What's on my face lately... using travel size skincare. It's a great way to try new brands & products, so read through to see what I've been loving lately!


My favorite thing about this? It doesn’t smell like sunscreen!

The interesting thing about it is that it’s marketed as a sunscreen serum, so although it is lightweight, I expected more of a liquid-y consistency. For the most part, it looks (but doesn’t smell) like your normal sunscreens without leaving that icky white cast on your face.

I’ve been using this as my daily sunscreen since a) I really wanted to try it, and b) I actually ran out of my other sunscreen and hadn’t noticed, so I needed something fast for summertime.

It’s only SPF 30 PA+++ but it’s been doing really great job protecting my face especially during some of the hotter days.


I know this isn’t so much a skincare item, but I have to mention it. I’ve had this travel size for such a long time for only 15 ml. A little goes a long way!

Another thing I like about this, since I have to layer it over my other skincare items for a good makeup base, is that there’s no pilling involved. It goes on smoothly and makes my makeup last.

It does have that silicone feeling, which I used to like but now I prefer a creamier base, like the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. Worth mentioning if you don’t like that!     


I say this is an honorary mention because I haven’t used it enough to say that I’m really liking it, although I think it will turn into a favorite of mine.

This setting mist has SPF 50 PA+++ (the PA+++ is supposed to be extra awesome for protecting your face against the sun’s rays) and as so, is a great multipurpose product. Aside from sun protection, it’s also meant to deliver a matte finish upon setting makeup, controls oil, as well as delivering “UV photoaging protection.”  

After shaking well and spraying it on my face, it feels cooling and smells very minty and refreshing. The scent doesn’t linger at all, and it did mattify my face. Unfortunately, I can’t say much for oil control because I don’t have a problem with that. Being a mist, this is also a great way to re-apply your sunscreen throughout the day without disturbing makeup.

However, when I was searching this on Sephora to see the price for the full size ($28 for 3.4 oz), the reviews were heavily mixed. So with the 1 oz I have, I want to make sure this is worth it!  

What’s worth getting travel sized for you?

  • I really want to pick up the Pixi mud glow cleanser as I don’t have anything just right for a morning cleanse yet, I might just go for it! The supergoop spray sounds really good, I don’t really apply SPF as my base will get ruined but this sounds perfect for that xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Sam

      You should totally go for the mud cleanser! It’s really gentle, and will last you forever, trust me. I’m still working through my mini, and that’s after using it everyday for 3 weeks when I was traveling.

  • I love travel size products because it makes life on the go so much easier, compact at least. The sunscreen serum sounds fab. :]


    • Sam

      Right? Plus, travel sizes are way easier to finish!

  • I really love the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser! I didn’t think I would love it but gosh, I love it as morning cleanse or second cleanse in the evening!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      It took some getting used to for me, but in the end I enjoy using this!

  • Pixi, belif and drunk elephant are brands that I still need to get my hands on! I also love that they come in travel friendly size.


    • Sam

      Me too! Honestly, the travel size is the only reason I would consider getting Drunk Elephant; otherwise they’re just too expensive for me!

  • Travel sized products are so adorable, it’s sometimes tempting to buy them just because they’re cute. I love the belif aqua bomb, but I’m quite oily-skinned!

    Morgan | Hyacinth Girl

    • Sam

      I know, those travel value sets on Sephora are especially tempting!

  • I love travel size products! It’s so nice that I can finish them up haha. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the belief aquabomb – some love it and some hate it, but there doesn’t seem to be an in between.

    I don’t usually buy travel size products though, since they’re not worth the price tag to me. I’ve always just saved the packaging (the little jars + bottles are perfect) and decanted my skincare/haircare/body products into them for traveling.

    • Sam

      It was such a bummer with the aqua bomb, because as much as I enjoy using it, the hydration just isn’t there for my drier skin. Otherwise, I’d seriously consider the full size.

      I noticed that travel sizes usually aren’t worth it with the price & amount of product, but I like the Sephora value sets!

  • Lovely post, I heard a lot of great things of Belif and drunk elephant, though shame it didn’t perform as well for those with a dry skin type. I’m a big fan of travel size products, it’s a great way to test out products without fully committing to them and to carry them with you of course. For makeup, i love buying the Benefit sets that come with travel size products, they’re really a life saviour when it comes to reducing my travel bag x

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

    • Sam

      I know, I was really holding out for the aqua bomb! I’ve only tried Benefit’s hoola bronzer, but I really should check out more from the brand. I know they have some great value travel sets!

  • I love buying travel sized products when I want to try out a new product but don’t want to commit to a full size, not to mention they’re great for traveling! The Super Goop setting mist has been on my radar for a while now, though I didn’t realize they had PA labels, which is totally awesome! It sounds really great for the summer as well, especially for reapplying sunscreen!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      It is! It’s funny, I just read something a little bit ago about the difference the PA labels make, which is why I wanted to include it!

  • I love the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser and really want to try some Drunk Elephant products. Heard amazing things about the brand, thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Sam

      The travel sets are a great way to try out DE! Thanks for reading, Kiran 🙂

  • I love travel size products to test out new products and travel with. The Pixi Mud Mask is on my wishlist, I keep seeing it on blogs. I haven’t tried any of these products.

    • Sam

      I’ve tried the Pixi mud mask, and I’ve really liked it as well!