Wanderlust is a real thing. But few of us put a place to the feeling, so here's to the year of travel. Take a peek at a few places I want to go!

You know when something is supposed to be relatively simple but doesn’t actually turn out that way and you’re too tired to keep going so you just do it sloppily? That’s what happened to the handwriting on this title post image (which, by the way, is courtesy of Death to Stock). What is it about writing that changes so drastically when you’re doing it digitally?

But as much as I can go on and on about handwriting, this post is actually about TRAVEL. Yeah, that word that incites a feeling of excitement, of anticipation or in some cases, a deep seated want to explore and go on adventures. Because wanderlust is real, y’all.

Which is why I’ve decided –

2017 is my year for travel.

Lately I’ve had this plan in my head of going to different countries and spending about 3 months (the time I’m allowed to stay without getting a visa) living there, exploring and eating lots of good food. There isn’t a whole lot tying me down to where I live now, so I figure it’s a question of “why not?” This probably won’t happen anytime soon but it makes me think of where I’d like to stay if I could. Or where I’d like to go in general. 

So I have a list of top places I’d like to visit – and maybe eventually stay one day – that I wanted to share.


There’s a few reasons I want to go to Norway, one of which, YES, involves Skam. It’s an online show very similar to Skins, but (obviously) based in Norway and has become quite popular recently. (It’s also very very good so if you’ve watched it hit me up because none of my friends watch it and we can fangirl.)

Though my original reason was actually because some bloggers I follow are from Oslo. I admire their style and their work, and since I know Norway usually isn’t on the map for people to go and visit, I thought it would be cool to explore.

I also know that I might freeze to death there but it’d be worth it man.


Singapore is one of those places I’d love to visit but know absolutely nothing about except for the fact that it’s expensive and apparently very clean. Honestly, I wasn’t even certain of what language is spoken until I Googled it. (They actually have four official languages due to it being a multi-ethnic society, although Malay is the national language.)


Plus, I would definitely like to explore Asia more! There’s a possibility I’ll be in South Korea, Tokyo and Taiwan later this year, and I’m hoping to make a quick sojourn to Singapore before heading back to the States.


Okay so the reason I want to go here is going to be a little bit lame, but here it is anyway: it’s because of an actor. HOLD ON. Wait. Before you go, let me explain. I consider this actor to be one of the few people who have inspired me.

He was involved in a movement dedicated to ending modern day slavery and that interested me because it was something I had never thought about. And to a girl who’s never really thought about “serious” things like that, and had no interest whatsoever in anything besides what she was going to wear for the rest of the week, it was kind of a big deal.

So in my senior year of high school where I was writing a lot of “research papers” (like, on the most basic level) I decided to choose that as my topic. As I got more involved in it, the topics branched out – specifically towards child soldiers. I also tried volunteering in some organizations, although unfortunately you had to be 18 and I was not, but it still opened up this giant world to me.

So anyway. He’s from Croatia, so I thought it would be cool to go there, also since it’s not your typical place you might think to go to.


My interest in Ireland actually began when my dad and I were searching through travel packages. Although we settled on Thailand, we were also looking at Shannon, Ireland.

Although I don’t know about Shannon in particular, Ireland seems like one of those places that have a lot of history to it – and not the “popular” kind like Roman ruins or how Greek mythology is known. If you couldn’t tell, I have a thing for going places which usually aren’t first choices in vacation destinations.

Also, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 😀


Originally I had Australia written down because who doesn’t want to fight giant bugs and see kangaroos everywhere? But really, I follow a lot of YouTubers from there and the accent is pretty cool so I’ve always wanted to visit.

I decided to specify New Zealand because I was scrolling through the Instagram and found gorgeous pictures. It just seems less “hustle and bustle” compared to places like Melbourne or Sydney. But don’t take my word for it because I’ve never been, it’s just the vibe I get.

Have you been to any of these places? Where would you want to travel?