Whamisa Green Tea Serum Toner Review

After trying out the Whamisa Green Tea Serum Toner, I decided to give it a proper review. Read through to see what I thought of the hydration packed serum toner hybrid.

I was debating about starting 2018 with a bang and doing an ambitious “Best of 2017” post, and then realized that as much as I enjoyed certain products throughout the year, “best of” adds  a whole new set of standards that I am not a fan of categorizing my things into.

Instead, I’m reviewing a product I thought I would love, ended up not, and still liking the results of.


The Whamisa Green Tea Serum Toner is a “lightweight, skin–soothing toner and serum all-in-one that instantly floods skin with intense hydration, while imparting antioxidants to treat and refine troubled skin.” It’s formulated with soothing, anti-inflammatory green tea extracts, and features kale and broccoli to “brighten and refine troubled skin with high concentrations of vitamins A and C.”

*insert leslie and kale statement*

It retails for $22 for 4.4 oz. and can be found at Target or Glow Recipe. It actually says 5.07 oz. online, but my bottle says 4.4.

Because you can use this for the “7 Skin Method” where you layer toner on your face 7 times I’ve always considered this more of a toner than a serum, although it did throw me off at first.  I wasn’t sure where to put this in my routine, as I still had the Hungarian Water Essence from belif, which feels significantly thinner than this serum toner hybrid.  I ended up packing on quite a few layers after my shower, and then hours later I’d finish up with the essence and a moisturizer.

While it doesn’t feel exactly heavy on the skin, it does leave a tacky feeling, and if you end up touching your face afterwards it just makes you want to wash your hands. Sealed with something like Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer (because anything heavier felt like my face would never dry) it’s not so bad. The stickiness isn’t there, although you’ll still want to steer clear of leaning your face into your hands, because there will still be a bit of slip of skin.

One layer does not feel like enough hydration. So if you’re anywhere in the realm of slightly dry, you’re going to end up using a few layers at once, every time you use this. Still, using 4-6 layers every day, I’ve been using this consistently for months, and I’ve still got some product left to go. This will definitely last a long time.

Throughout most of the year my skin is normal, but around fall/winter is when dry patches around my chin start to make themselves known, and it’s usually a pain when they keep coming back despite whatever moisturizer I use. Using this during these past few months has really kept those dry patches at bay, and my skin never feels tight or dry.

I can’t argue with the results, and yet… I also don’t find it pleasant to use. The tackiness it leaves, the amount of time tapping layers into my skin, the smell – which has admittedly gotten less potent as time passed. I know there are other products out there which will do the same as this, but are nicer to use, so while I like the results I won’t be repurchasing.

  • same here with the “best of” posts! it just becomes so overwhelming to me, lol. layering that green tea serum toner seems right up my alley though, i’m dry af so i love layering my skincare. and i especially love anything that’s thick and creamy to keep me especially moisturized, haha.

    (also yay for more affiliate links! *clicks on all of them*)

    becky @ star violet

    • Sam

      well hey if you love layering, this is probably one to try out! I don’t think I’m THAT dry so it was a bit more overwhelming to me, haha. AND THANKS GIIIRL!

  • This looks real good but now that you mention that you haven;t seen any ~real~ improvements, I’m a bit doubtful lol. I actually really love the Whamisa OG toner and been using that for a few good months now and it’s great!

    Cherie ✿ delicately.xyz

    • Sam

      yeah, the biggest thing for me was the hydration, but otherwise at least I didn’t notice much else. But I’ve heard the original one is way better anyway!

  • I layer three different types of toner every time and it helps with my dry skin, for the first time I don’t have dry spots! This toner is in my list to try but now I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up. It’s not the cheapest too.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sam

      the only thing I wish is that I had another toner where I could have tried layering both and maybe it would have helped, but definitely by itself it left my skin too tacky which I really don’t like – despite the great results.

  • Serum toner sounds so different! I really need to up my skincare so I’m researching a lot haha thanks for the review!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    • Sam

      It was a little confusing at first, not gonna lie! Hopefully this was helpful to you though!

  • Bernadette

    It’s a shame you didn’t get on with this toner. It sounds appealing but definitely some toners can leave the skin feeling sticky and tacky which is a shame. Great review.


    • Sam

      Thanks Bernadette!

  • Oh no. It frustrating when the result is different from what it promise. I hope you find a good one for you!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • Oh man, I’m still on the hunt for a new toner so had hopes this might work. I’ve never heard of the 7 layer toner method but considering how long at times my skincare routine is, i doubt I’ll start looking into this 🙈

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

    • Sam

      Haha, it definitely takes time! I was really into it at first, but now I’m into the simple life 😂

  • I’ve always been curious about the Whamisa x Glow Recipe line but was worried it’d be overhyped. It kinda sounds like that , especially since like you said, there are better products out there. Hope you find something that works better!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Sam

      This was the only product that stood out to me, so it’s kind of a shame that I don’t like it as much as I thought I would!