What Coconut Oil Can Do For You

What is the DEAL with coconut oil you ask? Check out its many beauty and health benefits here!

Coconut oil is like, the new thing. It’s a trend, and that can be off-putting for some people. But whether or not it’s a trend, there are still several beauty and health benefits to it. I’m going to be talking about what I use coconut oil for and how that can be beneficial to you.


But first, you probably want to know why coconut oil is so good for you. Well, I can answer that for you!

Coconut oil is mostly saturated fat, which means two things. One, depending on the room temperature, it can be solid or liquid. One isn’t worse than the other – it’s like water and ice. Same thing, different state.

Two, saturated fat doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad’. There are several studies that have discredited that saturated fat is a direct cause of heart problems. Not to mention that coconut oil is a blend of different fatty acids that are good for you. Some effects include being good for your immune system, providing a quick source of energy, and because of some of these fats, retain moisture better in the skin, which makes it a good moisturizer.

The reason I particularly like coconut oil is because it’s much more natural than the products I buy at the store. It’s also budget-friendly ($6) so I find it an easy choice.

Read on if you want to see what you can use it for (without eating it)!


One of the main reasons I use coconut oil is because it’s a natural moisturizer. I thought I’d give it a shot since I ran out of my old one, and my face is always dry. I put it on after my shower, and so far it’s been working out pretty well.

Bonus: it also helps with hair growth, so before I go to bed I apply a little extra on my eyebrows since they’re practically non-existent. I’ve definitely noticed that hair has been growing back faster, so yay! It also works for eyelashes!

I also use it as a makeup remover, and it’s amazing. Just gently massage the oil over your face with the pads of your fingers, and it will take everything off pretty smoothly. I do this right before my shower, and there’s practically no makeup residue left over, which is a problem I had with my previous makeup remover.


Throughout the day I use this as chapstick. My lips were horribly chapped after my surgery due to the fact I couldn’t exfoliate my lips like I normally do, and this has definitely helped. They’re a lot softer, and they almost never peel. The downside is that I have to constantly reapply because it doesn’t last as long as my normal chapstick does.


Okay, maybe it’s because I have ill-fitting shoes and maybe it’s because my feet are weird. It’s probably both. Often, my toes rub against the shoe and create callouses, and while not painful, don’t make for pretty feet when I want to go out in sandals to the beach.

About ten minutes before I leave the house (giving it enough time to absorb) I put just a dab of oil on the callouses, which have helped them become softer over time. Although not to the same extent, it also helps slightly with the discoloration.


This probably sounds weird, but not as weird as callouses, right? So I’m one of those girls that can get really stressed over everything, even if it’s not really serious. It’s annoying, and trust me, I’m working on it. But as a result of my stress (and probably dry skin as well), I often get rashes on my knees. Obviously, lotion and hydro-cortisone cream help, but the red bumps are still visible.

As frequently as possible, apply a good amount of coconut oil over the rash. It’ll help keep the inflammation down and not as noticeable. After a while, it should eventually go away.

Bonus: It’ll help superficial wounds too! I had a little problem with the back of my heel scraping my shoe and leaving little blisters, and coconut oil helped it heal a little bit faster.


Like I mentioned earlier, coconut oil is great for hair growth. About 6 months ago I gave in to the short hair trend, cutting off a good 3-4 inches of hair. Now I wish I hadn’t. Looking up tricks into growing my hair fast, I’ve come across a remedy that seems to come up so often now: coconut oil. To be honest, the first couple times were really weird and I kept using too much, which ended up in a very greasy head.

The best time to do it is to apply it a few hours before your shower. I just grab little dollops of oil and massage it evenly throughout my hair. Do a little at a time because too much will feel too greasy.

Bonus: after just a few days of using this, my hair also felt a lot softer.

Obviously, there are a lot more ways to use coconut oil that would be beneficial, but these are the most common (and easiest) ways, unless you’re incorporating it into your diet (which is good for you too!).

There are so many different types of coconut oil, but the best is cold-pressed and unrefined. That’s the main things you should look for. Trader Joe’s has this for pretty cheap ($6) in a 16 fluid oz jar, which is quite a lot. I hope this helped!

Have fun,


Have you ever tried coconut oil? Do you want to? Tell me your experience or why you don’t! I’d love to hear from you!